Brits vote no alcohol drinks as top favourite for the holidays – and other festive insights

A new survey from gifts and gadgets retailer Menkind reveals key festive insight into gifting trends, the nations favourite Christmas drink, and explores a few hot topics of debate, such as when is acceptable to put up the Christmas tree, how much Brits are planning to spend on stocking fillers and which items are the most appropriate for regifting.

Here’s how the nation will be celebrating Christmas this year:

A booze-free Christmas? Survey reveals Britain is on a health kick

With sales for no- and low-alcohol drinks booming ahead of the festive season as reported by the UK’s top supermarket chains, a surprising new survey from Menkind reveals almost a third of Brits would choose a no alcohol beverage as their festive drink of choice.

With close to one-third of Brits (29%) favouring non-alcoholic drink options for the holidays, this is the official beverage of Christmas 2021. 

Potentially a reflection of Covid lockdowns and a slightly increased alcohol intake has had Brits reconsider and choose more healthy alternatives. Regardless of why – this is a very refreshing piece of insight perhaps indicating a culture shift towards a healthier Britain. 

In second place are prosecco and champagne, with 1 in 7 Brits favouring the more traditional continental bubbles.

All the way down in 9th place is mulled wine, with less than 1 in 10 Brits favouring this traditional hot drink.

Top Secret Santa presents for the health and wellbeing aficionado in your life

The first few weeks of December are peak Secret Santa time. 

On the list of favourite Secret Santa gifts to give, are the usual suspects such as drinks and confectionery. 

But if you’re looking for something a little less, well, unhealthy – there’s help to find! 

With almost 20% of Brits saying they prefer to give something personal, it’s maybe time to get to know your colleague or friend a little better so you can gift them something that has meaning.

If you’re looking for an easy way out, both beauty items and scented candles scored highly on the list. 


The Christmas ad rollout revealed as the top festive mood booster

1 in 4 survey respondents said the November Christmas ad rollout was their top festive mood booster. 

With online interest in Christmas and Christmas ads also taking an exponential jump around early November, the anticipation and launch of the yearly Christmas ads can hereby be declared the (un)official beginning of Christmas.

There are however those who go by their own festive rules according to the data, with 1 in 5 respondents saying they are always in the mood and prepping for the festive season. 

When it comes to the perfect time for putting up Christmas decorations, mid-December was voted by a third of Brits, being the top choice in the ranking.  There is however an eager 1% of respondents who simply LOVE Christmas, declaring they start decorating in the summer. 

Deciding when to put up the Christmas tree can be difficult, with  1 in 3 Brits favouring the mid-December option. However, there are some split opinions on the matter with 1 in 4 opting for the start of December, and another 1 in 4 starting as early as late November. 

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