British-made residue-free aerosol effective against Covid-19

AN ANTI-VIRAL and anti-bacterial aerosol spray developed in South Wales has been proven to kill the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 and can disinfect areas up to 100m3.

The Biosan Total-Release Sanitiser was created by Genesis Biosciences in its Cardiff laboratories and follows in the footsteps of the company’s General Purpose Sanitiser which has been sold across the entirety of Europe since March.

The total-release sanitiser offers a simple and effective method of disinfection of large spaces via a pressurised canister to deliver the anti-viral and anti-bacterial solution. The product is dispelled into the air by locking the trigger into place, which ensures maximum coverage and effectively and efficiently kills harmful pathogens in the designated space. Within a few minutes, a fog fills the area to provide complete sanitisation of the area. Alternatively, an aerosol can be used as required to disinfect surfaces such as keyboards, door handles and other regular touch points.

The product leaves behind no residue and therefore no requirement to wipe down surfaces after use, offering a cost effective and time effective method of disinfection. Primary end users include hospitality venues, education settings, communal public spaces and vehicles, including public transport.

The liquid within the aerosol has been tested according to BS EN 14476 and has proven to have broad range efficacy against bacteria and viruses and effectively kill harmful pathogens.

Genesis General Manager Dr. Emma Saunders said: “Our anti-viral products have all received official confirmation that they are effective against the Covid-19-causing coronavirus. The aerosol is ideal for treating larger, enclosed areas such as offices, buses and hotel rooms. It can simply be released and left for around 15 minutes for complete coverage up to 100m3. With no residue, it means there is no aftercare required such as wiping down surfaces or clearing excess or waste product.”

The Biosan Total-Release Sanitiser, manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards ISO 9001, was developed by Genesis Biosciences’ microbiology and chemical engineering experts. For more information on the Biosan range visit

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