Beating the Bloat Without Using Medicine

There is a lot of over-the-counter medication that you can take for bloating. For example, this can include simethicone and activated charcoal. But some people do not want to be taking these medications on a regular basis. The good news is that there are better ways to beat the bloat and this involves changing your diet and lifestyle. Here are some ways you can do this.


Cut Out Certain Foods

There are going to be certain foods in your diet that may be contributing to bloating. In particular, there are some main culprits that affect a lot of people. For example, this includes different types of beans and legumes, as well as onion, barley and wheat. Even good foods such as cabbage, sprouts and broccoli can make you feel bloated and cause uncomfortable gas. If you think that a certain food is causing you to feel this way, it may be best to cut down on how much you eat. You can read about more foods that cause bloating here.


Swap Sodas for Water

Too many people drink soda every day. This might be why you are experiencing bloating all of the time. So, it is time to swap your soda for water. Soda contains gas, which can be filling up your stomach. This is also combined with sugar and this can mean you are holding onto liquids in your body. The best thing you can do is cut down on your consumption and stay hydrated with water. In particular, mineral water is going to be the best option since it is full of natural minerals that are beneficial for your body.


Add Probiotics

Being friendly to your gut is a good way to beat the bloat. In other words, you want to add probiotics to your diet. This means consuming good bacteria that is going to help your digestive system and it can help to reduce bloating and gas. You will find natural probiotics in yogurt, soft cheeses and sauerkraut. Try to consume probiotics every day and see if you feel a difference.


Cut Down on Sodium

Are you guilty of eating fast food? A lot of processed and junk food contains sodium, which is another word for salt. This is one of the main reasons for bloating since salt makes your body hold onto water. This may be why you are feeling uncomfortably full after a meal and are struggling to beat the bloat. The best way to do it is by changing your diet. This means cutting down on meals that are high in sodium and trying to incorporate healthier meals into your life every day.


Try Peppermint Tea

There are some herbal teas that can help you beat bloating and generally aid digestion. One of them is peppermint tea. This is often used as a traditional remedy in Asia and the Middle East, with its popularity spreading across the world. The hot tea can be soothing, as well as peppermint helping to reduce the gas that may be causing you to feel overly full.