Award-Winning Wellness Entrepreneur Shares Knowledge and 5 Tips On How To Building Solid Foundations To Help Grow Your Wellbeing Business

“In the early days of my wellbeing business, I was like a circus performer…”

Award-winning seven-figure Sheffield Wellness Entrepreneur, Katie Bell, is celebrating sharing her knowledge to help others in the profession to grow their businesses in challenging times, with the launch of her new podcast ‘Treat Your Business’, which entered the UK Fitness at Number 8 beating sporting giants Nike to the finish line.

Katie, 37, has helped over 10,000 people move better, feel better and live better… after establishing her first Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic in Sheffield at the age of 28. Katie then went on to grow her clinic to multiple 7 figures and a team of 30+ experts. Katie continues to practice as a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, but her focus this year is very much on sharing her knowledge, expertise and experience to help other health and wellness professionals and practice owners to realise their own goals, so they can run bigger, more profitable businesses and as an industry they can impact people’s health and wellness on a much bigger scale.

Having overcome the challenges of both mindset and strategy, Katie experienced rapid growth in her business, once she committed to learning from others who had tread her path and she is now passionate about being that leader who guides her peers to ensure they get more joy, and profits from their practices, which can often become “monsters they have created”.

In the first four episodes of her podcast, she covers the 4 key foundations that often businesses don’t have in place to help them grow and build businesses they actually love, rather than being stuck on the hamster wheel of being an underpaid overworked employee in their business as she helps others to move the dial from treating their business like a job to growing it as a business that really provides for them. She said: “There is so much that we don’t know as a new business owner – and this can leave us feeling overwhelmed and deflated when things are not quite working out as we envisaged, despite us working all hours God sends. In the early days of my business, I was like a circus performer – I was the Physio, the Pilates instructor, the accountant, the marketeer, the cleaner and the receptionist but I was not doing all of these roles well – and I recognised very early on there was a lot I didn’t know. Only from there did I then discover all the stuff (of which there were lots!) that I didn’t even know I didn’t know! I decided to fast-track the process as I didn’t want to spend years fumbling around in the dark, and so found someone who had already walked my path, and I started my journey with a coach – who helped me to grow into a team of 18 within the first 2 years and turnover multiple 6 figures quickly.”

Katie now supports others through her consultancy business Thrive (, which she founded in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, to provide transformative business coaching for health and wellbeing business owners, such as; Therapists, Pilates instructors, clinic owners, many of whom were forced to move their businesses online, and now as we face the pressures of recession she’s stepping up once again to provide her support. Thrive has rapidly grown into being the go-to team of experts for business owners in the health and wellness industry -but this growth has not come without sacrifice and Katie’s early days in business saw her feeling very alone, overwhelmed, and experiencing burnout.

Katie’s podcast ‘Treat Your Business’ is her way of sharing what she’s learnt over the last few years with health and wellness business owners across the UK and beyond, in the hope that she can support others in the industry to grow, through learning from her achievements, and mistakes, especially as they feel the additional pressure of recession.

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1. Start with the Why and Work Backwards From Your End Goal:- When overwhelm hits and gets in the way of growth the first place to look to create clarity and focus is where you want to be at the end. So, what is the end goal for you? Is it an income goal? Is it a goal to have more freedom and flexibility? Is it a goal to be able to travel more, or to have a big team which allows you to go and do all the things that you’re passionate about? To get excited about working towards your growth it’s important to be clear on the overarching thing that is driving you to run your business.

2. Feel into What Needs to Change:- If you struggle to plan ahead don’t worry too much about defining the strategy from the start, but instead just think about how you want your business to feel/work for you (in a way that it doesn’t currently) We can only change things if we have awareness around what needs to change and connecting with how we feel and how we want to feel about our business can help us see where our problems lie. A lot of the time, our business model is actually delivering the exact opposite of what we are really wanting to achieve, so what we always start with is really basic questions. If you were to look at your perfect day, how would your perfect day look like to you? This often creates an awareness of what needs to change and signals what isn’t working for you right now.

3. Define More Closely Who You Help and How:- So often we market ourselves as ‘physios’ or ‘Pilates instructors’ – we are telling people our title and expecting everyone to understand what that means for them and that we can help them. I invite you to look at your marketing and consider are you REALLY explaining the types of people you help and how you help them? Are you clear on the pain you can remove, the issues you deal with on a regular basis, the transformation you provide? Often, we leave people guessing because of our language, leaving money on the table.

4. Challenge HOW You Deliver and Package Your Services:- I invite you to look at how you can sell your services in a more creative way, that both serves the customer, and you as a business owner, better, with a business model that is going to support you rather than starve you of time, energy and freedom. I ask – Why do we base our businesses predominantly on the Pay as You Go 1 off treatment model when we know a series of sessions and ongoing support is what most clients need? Often because of our money mindset issues and we don’t like the ‘sales’ approach of tying people into more. But we know ongoing support gets the best results and you can create this without always having to provide face-to-face services- think about how you could support your clients’ recovery with exercises, or resources, or online access to programmes that could help them – there’s so much more to your business than 121 face to face delivery.

5. Recognise that Your Business is a Product of Your Beliefs:- I think it was Napoleon Hill that said ‘Whatever a man can conceive and believe it can achieve’ – so every single one of your thoughts is either helping you move your business forwards, or holding your business back. Are you able to recognise ingrained beliefs that are affecting how you run your business? Maybe you have limiting beliefs about how hard it is to make money, about what levels of success are possible for you? About how big a team you can manage etc? If you have big goals you need to consciously work towards them and to do this we need to get off the autopilot we run on that is based on our belief systems and instead actively challenge the beliefs that are keeping us stuck, to help us create the realities we desire.

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