‘Alcohol aisles stripped after Boris closes pubs’ – so why do we NEED a drink?

Reports show that following the closure of pubs last Friday, supermarket shelves were stripped bare by buyers determined to see out the crisis withe plenty to drink – but is alcohol the best way to deal with a crisis?  We spoke to life coach Jason Bishop, who told us:

“It’s concerning that people are so desperate they won’t be able to drink through the crisis – but I do understand the mindset, because I was there myself once.

“I now work with men aged 25-35 who want to transform their lives, find their career path and reduce stress in their lives.  For me, a big part of that was tackling the emotions that led me to use alcohol as a coping mechanism – years ago, I’d have seen coronavirus as an excuse to party to the max, ‘live while I’m young’ and all the other reasons we tell ourselves we need to drink, but deep down I wasn’t happy, doubted myself and hadn’t found my path.

“Of course, the virus is a horrible reality for many but it is also an opportunity for those who aren’t infected to re-evaluate priorities. It took coming close to death for me to reach that point, but enforced isolation can be an opportunity for life change.

“People who have always struggled with work pressures can use the enforced time off to positively re-evaluate their lives, find out what really matters and explore what drives our lifestyle choices, habits, emotions, patterns and/or career options.  We rarely get this time as adults and it would be a real shame to just drink this time away.

“The virus is something we can’t control, but our reactions to it, and to our lives in general, are things we can change by changing our mindset.  I’m offering a free 15 minute introductory chat to anyone who would like to do that.

For more information, or to book your free 15 minute chat, visit Jason’s website: https://contentedlifecoaching.com/contact/

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