Aegon boosts employee wellbeing through launch of vlogs

As part of its workplace wellbeing strategy Aegon UK has broadened its multi-media content to support its 2,000 employees’ wellbeing.

The initiative kicked off last week during Mental Health Awareness Week with a vlog on the benefits of a morning routine from Aegon HR consultant, Alison Fell. Future employee vlogs include gardening, cycle repairs, money tips, meal suggestions, yoga and mindfulness among many other things.

The videos, shared through Microsoft Stream and Yammer, aim to capture and support Aegon’s five employee wellbeing themes – keep connected, keep fit, keep performing, keep motivated and keep developing – forming the core of the wellbeing hub.

Mike Holliday-Williams, CEO at Aegon UK comments:

“Since 18 March 2020, we have all been working from home. This rapid change in working environment has had an impact on employee wellbeing and productivity across the UK. Each person has their own unique set of challenges and while some might thrive in the new working from home world, others might struggle.

“We want to support wellbeing and productivity by sharing a wide range of content on different topics to reach all of our employees to help them as they adjust to their situation at home.

“We are very lucky to have such a talented range of employees that have skills, tips and life experiences beyond their roles at Aegon. The boundary between work and home life has been well and truly breached and this can be hard to handle. In a traditional office set-up, we know that social, fun and creative activities all contribute to a better working environment and help people deliver better results.

“These videos will inspire people to enjoy being at home and encourage them to create a clear divide somehow between work and home life.

“By employees and other guest vloggers producing and sharing their insight we hope employees will feel reassured, inspired and energised to handle the challenges they might face when working from home.”

Other wellbeing initiatives also rolled out during coronavirus lockdown:

  • Developed content and reference materials for the Aegon Wellbeing Hub for employees, including:
    o A working from home guide
    o Smarter working hints and tips for working from home
    o A guide to leading flexible working conversations for managers
    o An extended guide on being mentally and physically healthy
  • Launched an equipment and stationery ordering process so supplies are delivered directly to homes to ensure all employees have all the equipment and tools they need to do their jobs at home.
  • Charity fundraising through virtual events across locations
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