Access To a Life Coach, Coffee Machines, Subsidised Lunches and Friday Afternoons Off: Just Some of the Things Gen Z Office Workers Want from the Perfect Job, According to New Research

Office must-haves for today’s modern Brits have been revealed with flexible working hours (45 percent), getting your birthday off (39 percent), a good coffee machine (28 percent), working from home twice a week (25 percent) and subsidised lunch (25 percent) all making the list, according to new research.

According to the research by office food delivery and catering company, Feedr, food is a big must have for 18- to 29-year-olds with four in ten (40 percent) expecting employers to offer some sort of office food perk such as a dedicated area for eating (50 percent), regular lunches and dinners out (30 percent), a good coffee machine (28 percent), cakes and treats on offer (27 percent) free snacks (25 percent), free fruit (24 percent), cakes and pastries on a Friday (18 percent).

Breakfast or lunch laid on once a week (18 percent), plant-based milks for tea and coffee (11 percent), smoothie and juice machine (eight percent), office pizza afternoons (eight percent), gluten or dairy free snacks (seven percent) and vegan food options for meetings (five percent) were all chosen among must-haves for today’s modern Brits at work.

The research also found that gym membership (26 percent), travel card (25 percent), private health insurance (24 percent) and a relaxed dress code (20 percent) also make the list, along with access to a life coach (15 percent), Friday afternoons off (15 percent) and even bean bags in comfy break out areas (12 percent).

Mental health and wellbeing is also an important factor when it comes to modern Brits choosing the right workplace, with access to a life coach or psychotherapist (15 percent), a career mentor (nine percent), being able to bring your dog to the office (nine percent), complimentary yoga sessions (seven percent) and a meditation room (five percent) are all a priority.


Linda Blank, COO, Feedr, which conducted the research said: “There has been a lot of negativity around Gen Z’s expectations of work, however, they are the future workforce and it’s important to understand what matters to them. The research shows that young people want to feel supported, valued and respected in the workplace by employers who understand the benefits they want and value, from nutritious food to access to mental health support. Listening to employees and reacting to their needs can go a long way in attracting & retaining top talent and supporting a great employee experience.”


In fact, two thirds (64 percent) of Gen Zs believe that a happy and zen working environment is more important than a massive salary, with more than half (57 percent) saying that better nutrition and mental health perks are more important than old school benefits such as laptops, company cars and pension plans.

Six in ten (61 percent) agree that workers today have different expectations of benefits than previous generations did, with one in two (53 percent) of modern Britons agreeing that young people can be unfairly judged for having high standards when it comes to their job and working environment.


A whopping nine in ten (91 percent) believe that employers need to be more creative in terms of the working environment and perks that they offer, if they want to keep people happy in the modern age.

Over a third (37 percent) admit that their parents or older people continually roll their eyes or don’t take them seriously when they express a desire for certain perks or standards in a place of work.  So it’s no surprise that almost half (45 percent) of 18- to 29-year-olds agree that older Brits just don’t understand why attractive working packages are so important to them.


One in three (30 percent) admit that lunch is the highlight of their working day, with 85 percent saying that it is important for them to have access to healthy meals at work. Nearly half (42 percent) admit they get bored of having the same thing for lunch at the office every day, and would love to be munching on  noodles (35 percent), burritos (34 percent) and sushi (30 percent) instead.

Fresh fruit such as strawberries (29 percent), pineapple (22 percent) and fresh mango (21 percent) also feature among young Brits’ idea of the most exciting office eats, alongside curries (29 percent), stuffed pitta breads (18 percent), Greek salad (16 percent) and poke bowls (14 percent).


Asked which office lunch they would consign to history, modern Brits would banish tuna mayo sandwiches (27 percent), prawn sandwiches (23 percent), ham and cheese paninis (23 percent) and sausage rolls (21 percent)..A fifth (21 percent) would like to see the end of instant noodles, while a 20 percent would say goodbye to cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Four in ten (40 percent) expect employers to offer some sort of office food perk such as a dedicated area for eating (50 percent), decent coffee (32 percent), regular lunches and dinners out (30 percent), cakes and treats on offer (27 percent) and subsided lunches (27 percent). A quarter (25 percent) would like staff to have lunch together, while one in four (25 percent) would like outside eating areas in the summer.


  1. Flexible hours                                                              45%
  2. Getting your birthday off work                                39%
  3. A good coffee machine                                             28%
  4. Working from home at least twice a week            27%
  5. Gym membership                                                      26%
  6. Subsidised lunch                                                        25%
  7. Free snacks                                                                 25%
  8. A travel card                                                                25%
  9. Free fruit                                                                     24%
  10. Private health insurance                                            24%
  11. A relaxed dress code                                                  20%
  12. Office cakes and pastries on a Friday                     18%
  13. Breakfast or lunch laid on once a week                  18%
  14. Fun team away days                                                  18%
  15. Cycle to work scheme                                                15%
  16. Friday afternoons off                                                 15%
  17. Access to a life coach or psychotherapist                15%
  18. Access to professional financial advice                  14%
  19. Showers                                                                       13%
  20. Bean bags or comfy break out areas                       12%
  21. Plant based milks to have with tea/coffee            11%
  22. Access to professional nutritional advice              11%
  23. The chance to take a sabbatical                               10%
  24. A career mentor                                                        9%
  25. Being able to bring your dog to the office             9%
  26. Option to hot desk when in the office                    9%
  27. A smoothie/juice machine                                        8%
  28. Office pizza afternoons                                             8%
  29. Hair dryers                                                                  7%
  30. Complimentary yoga sessions                                  7%
  31. Annual duvet day allowance                                    7%
  32. Gluten or dairy free snacks                                       7%
  33. Book shelves                                                              6%
  34. Vegan food options provided during meetings    5%
  35. A meditation/ yoga room                                         5%




Whatever the order of the day, mood-flipping good food should be part of it. In a world of work-from-wherever, Feedr delivers food that makes people happy to be in the office. Feeding teams is our speciality, not a side order. Why? Because we started life in the office. Slumped at desks, tired of humdrum high-street food, ordering-in admin and late deliveries with two vegan options lost on the way. It was time for hassle-and-miss to go off the menu. Today, Feedr delivers tasted-and-tested food fresh from local vendors. Easy on the admin. Low impact on the planet. All-out flavour that brings everyone around the table. Feedr serves Good Office Days, just how you like it.

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