A legacy of love and hope brought to life through the adventures of REDCAP

An inspirational and heartwarming tale of how love can overcome hardship has been brought to life by Purple Mash Publishing, in memory of the author, June Lipka.


REDCAP is the uplifting story of a little boy who lives with his mother in an enchanted wood. After she falls ill, REDCAP is determined to look after her and make her well again.


As a little boy, REDCAP faces many challenges in his quest to navigate the unrelenting woods. but he discovers that he posses infinite strength, self-confidence and a burning desire to never give up. Helped by his woodland friends, Robby Robin, Sammy Squirrel, Softy Sheepdog and a woodsman called Mr Bobbins. REDCAP realises that anything is possible when you have love, determination and good friends by your side.


The author’s close friend, Miriam Freedman, who was the inspiration for the story, has been instrumental in making the book a reality, with help from highly acclaimed artist Ginger Gilmour, who created the beautiful illustrations within the book.


“This book is close to my heart in so many ways,” explains Miriam, a Holocaust survivor who remains passionate about helping people to harness their creativity and find peace in life. “I am delighted that June will be remembered by all who knew her and it truly demonstrates her belief that dreams do come true.”


“I was drawn to the tale of REDCAP as I feel it is a reflection of some of the places that we often share on life’s journey,” adds Ginger.


REDCAP is published by Purple Mash Publishing and is priced at £7.99


REDCAP has been published with the support of ActionAid, an international charity that works with women and girls in poverty. 


In addition, Purple Mash Publishing has created a range of  free printable teaching resources to support additional learning and discussion about the key messages held within REDCAP’s journey.

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