5 Ways Dogs Can Motivate You To Take Better Care Of Yourself

Self-care is a priority for many, but a seemingly countless number of people aren’t sure where to begin in improving their day-to-day lives. While some may have all the natural willpower they need to do good, others inevitably need a bit of additional motivation to take better care of themselves.

Some people find inspiration to take care of themselves when they are responsible for one or more living beings.  Becoming a new parent, for example, may create a sense of responsibility, urgency, and commitment to be better and healthier. However, bringing any new addition into the home may help in similar ways.

Man’s best friend does give pet owners an added sense of responsibility, but it also provides a variety of opportunities to be healthier and more active as well. To illustrate the point, let’s examine five ways that your canine friend can motivate you to be a better steward of your own body.

Dogs Provide a Sense of Love

Above all else, having a dog constantly by your side can generate feelings of companionship, bonding, and love. The bonds between pets and owners, in general, are strong: one study showed that roughly one in three pet owners prefer their pets to their partners[1]. These bonds are strong and can provide a variety of benefits.

Whenever we feel lonely or under the weather, it’s typical for us not to pursue the same level of self-care as we might usually pursue. Dogs being able to provide that sense of love and companionship can demonstrably improve our day-to-day view of the world and create more positive thinking[2]. Given that feeling good on the inside tends to empower us to make better decisions regarding ourselves, having a dog that provides a sense of unconditional love is a valuable commodity.

Dogs Encourage More Active Lifestyles

With more people than ever working in sedentary jobs and environments, finding time to properly exercise is a struggle. Fortunately, the addition of a dog to your daily life can dramatically change this dynamic through both desire and responsibility.

Dogs have infectiously high levels of energy when healthy, and generally love to go for walks and play-dates in the park. They also need a certain level of exercise each day, meaning you’ll have a responsibility to walk or exercise them properly on a regular basis. This recurring action can help increase the amount of physical activity you’re partaking in each day, which can be good for your overall health.

Dogs Need Periodic Healthcare – Just Like You

Every living being has healthcare concerns – your dog is no exception. All too often, people may delay seeking treatment for a seemingly benign health matter or avoid having regular check-ups to ensure optimal health. Two out of three people express some reservations about seeing a doctor for fear of bad news[3].

Despite this, we don’t worry about these concerns when our dogs are ill. From regular vaccinations to unexplained health problems, regular check-ups with the vet are commonplace. This is because dogs need healthcare – and so do you. Having a pet can keep this in perspective, driving home the point that you need to see the doctor occasionally as well.

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Dogs Provide You with a Sense of Responsibility

As has been alluded to, dogs can improve your own self-care regimen by teaching out about the value of responsibility. Dogs require daily care in a variety of ways, including exercise, socialising, food, drink, and attention. By adapting to this regimen, you’ll naturally develop a greater sense of responsibility – which can help you adhere to other regimens in life that’ll improve yourself.

Dogs Have a Natural Abundance of Positivity

When dogs feel loved and are in good health, it generally takes very little to make them feel good. This natural sense of positivity can be seen in almost every interaction: from opening the door after a long day at work to showing them the lead before a daily walk, their happiness to just be a part of your life is heart-warming.

The power of positive action has been often considered a staple in improving one’s outlook on life[4]. It’s also believed that negative thinking has a negative impact on health and well-being. The positive and infectious energy of a happy and loving dog may completely change your outlook on life, helping you to feel better about the world around you and enjoy life in the process.

Having a dog in the home creates many opportunities and challenges alike. However, dog ownership is a rewarding endeavour that can ultimately lead to many changes that’ll motivate you to take better care of yourself – both for your own sake and that of your canine companion.



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