48% of UK adults want to make mental health a priority in 2022 according to research from leading online pharmacy

The team from leading online pharmacy www.medino.com, have conducted a survey to look into people’s personal goals for the New Year. More than 2,300 UK-based adults aged 18 and over took part in the research, which revealed nearly half (48%) of all adults in the UK hope to prioritise mental health and wellbeing in the new year.

The research showed that age has a major impact on these goals, with only 3% of adults over the age of 50 years old wanting to make mental health a priority, as opposed to 88% of those aged 18-24 years old.

Out of the 48% of respondents who want to prioritise mental health and wellbeing, 65% were women and 35% were men.

The top health improvement goals for 2022 were revealed to be:

  • Improve mental health and wellbeing – 48%
  • Enjoy a more balanced diet – 39%
  • Increase time spent on fitness and exercise – 35%
  • Get into a better sleeping pattern – 30%
  • Quit smoking – 24%

When asked why the respondents wanted to make mental health and wellbeing a priority, answers included to reduce stress (65%), to feel happier (54%) and to be more confident (36%).

The results found in this survey are backed up by the search trends online via Medino’s own website. ‘Wellbeing’ was the number one searched term on the site in 2021 with 2,915 unique searches, whereas the year before it didn’t make it into the top 100 searches. Google Trends data also shows that searches for ‘wellbeing’ have doubled in the past five years.

Giulia Guerrini, the lead pharmacist at www.medino.com, commented:

“It’s encouraging to see that mental health is becoming more of a priority in peoples’ lives, especially considering how stressful 2021 has been for a lot of us, so it’s not surprising that many want to make changes in their routine to tackle this.

“Young people especially are really making a move to bring mental health to the forefront of discussion so people can become more open about the struggles they’re facing, and feel less stigma when it comes to discussing said issues. There are countless reasons for this change in stance when it comes to mental health, maybe because younger people are struggling more, or maybe just because they understand more clearly how life changing these issues can be, but either way, it’s fantastic to see people becoming more aware and vocal about this topic.

“I hope that these figures reassure adults that they are not alone when struggling with their mental health – we should always be looking for ways to reduce stress and improve our overall wellbeing.”