2 Top Tips to Help You Switch Off From Work This Christmas

Ruth Kudzi, is trained in both Psychology and Neuroscience, she is an author, ICF Mindset Coach & Coaching Trainer – https://ruthkudzi.com/  

Ruth said; “Pre-covid, w
e have had a ‘always on’ culture – with some screen or device at our fingertips at all times of the day and night. Additionally, with the majority of us now working more from home (from our bed, dining table, couch), the boundaries between work and home have become even more blurred this year.  Many of us have had to juggle homeschooling during lockdowns and self-isolation, many of us are working strange hours in order to fit everything in, many are feeling the ‘work from home guilt’ and stressed and strained relationships trying to make this year work for everyone… I think we can all agree that switching off has been more difficult to manage in 2020.
“Christmas will be very different this year, celebrating in our smaller bubbles means that we won’t be as busy busy visiting people, there won’t be as many parties and it will be quieter than what many of us are used to. WARNING – this could make it even more tempting to log back on… but, let’s see this quieter season as a positive, as it means we can really take advantage of some down time and switch off.  It’s super important to have some time out – we need a break. After this challenging turbulent year we’ve all had, we deserve time to rest, recoup and relax this Christmas – so next time you go to check your email or quickly reply to that work message, try to remember that.
In order to ensure we switch off for Christmas here are my three top suggestions;
  • The run up to Christmas is all part of getting into the festive spirit – have some exciting evenings lined up that make you turn off that laptop – such as; mulled wine zoom with friends, family film night with a festive hot chocolate, christmas light hunting or eye spy where you get in the car or go for a walk to see the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood, wrapping night with the best christmas tunes, gingerbread house making…


  • Aim for a specific date to log off and schedule time the days leading up to this date for admin, tie ups and planning. Let your clients, customers, colleagues know when you are planning to log off and when you will be back – ensure this is clearly stated on your out of office too.


  • Move your laptop and devices – once you’re logged off move your laptop into a bag and pop it away, hide it the best you can – pop all your paperwork in a box – you’re then not easily tempted to have a ‘quick look’ as we all know quick looks can turn into hours….


Have yourself a wonderful Christmas!


To find out more about Ruth please visit https://ruthkudzi.com/  

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