How can music improve our mood and wellbeing?

Did you know that music has many more benefits than just keeping us amused for long journeys? Beyond entertainment, music has the potential to enhance our mood and overall wellbeing, as well as improve cognitive performance and inspire creativity.

Whether you prefer to listen to music using headphones or play your favourite songs on a modern Crosley record player with superior sound, the benefits will be the same. We take a look at some of these advantages, including how music can improve our mental health and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Understanding and processing emotions

If we are in a particularly bad mood or struggle to manage our emotions, music with meaningful lyrics will often help us process these feelings. We do this by projecting our struggles into the music.

This doesn’t necessarily mean sad songs will translate into negative emotions though. In fact, it’s the opposite. Melancholic music can actually instil pleasant emotions, which can help to alleviate some of the pain you are feeling or allow you to experience these sad emotions in a safe space.

Song lyrics may even help to explain your experiences when you may not even have the words or capabilities to do so yourself. Lyrics also have the potential to better understand your own situation through another individual’s perspective.

In a sense, listening to music is a personal therapy session, enabling you to work through your problems more privately.

Finding and connecting with communities

Every well-known artist has their own dedicated fan base of like-minded individuals. You’d be surprised by how similar these fans can be in terms of interests and personal circumstances. By connecting with other fans, we open ourselves up to new relationships and a sense of belonging.

Additionally, if you love making music of your own, whether this is through singing or playing an instrument, there are plenty of opportunities to join a community. For example, joining a class, band, or project is a great way of meeting others who share a common interest.

Feeling part of something larger than yourself is a surefire way of improving your mental wellbeing and reducing negative emotions like social anxiety.

Figuring out who you are

Regardless of age, discovering music that resonates with the way we feel is a fundamental method of defining who we may be or want to be. It’s very important for us to listen to music that could explain things that we are unsure or worried about.

A result of this could lead to discussions being had about difficult topics that we are struggling with and that are impacting our mental health. For example, certain genres of music could help us to explore our sexuality or learn more about feminist ideals.

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