How to Achieve Wellness in the Winter

From the generic winter blues to seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.), the colder months can make some peoples mood fall faster than the thermometer.

But what is about the darkening days that can leave so many of us feeling down in the dumps?

Insulation Express have shed light on the differences between the winter blues and S.A.D. before developing and developed a ’28 days to mindfulness’ calendar to help sufferers overcome seasonal sadness, by providing a self-care activity, to get through the winter months, day-by-day:

The calendar can be repeated on a monthly routine, alongside these ongoing self-care tips to get you through the colder months:

Top Tips for Achieving Wellness in the Winter

  1. Exercise moderately – Achieving at least 150 minutes of cardio a week has been proven to improve symptoms of mild to moderate depression.
  2. Eat foods rich in vitamin D – Those who suffer from the winter blues often have carbohydrate cravings. Instead, try and eat more fruit and vegetables to help you cope with the colder months.
  3. Take advantage of the natural daylight – Plan walks in the morning and afternoon, as sunlight will enhance your mood.
  4. Develop a routine – By developing a sleeping routine, you are more likely to overcome the darker days.
  5. Meditate – Mindfulness practices have been proven to those who suffer from the winter blues.


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