Is The Winter Blues Affecting Your Team? How To Boost Morale In Your Office

In the winter many teams struggle to hit targets, with retail and commercial companies often experiencing slow sales months during this period, particularly in the months following the festive season. 

It’s easy to dismiss a small reduction morale in the winter as simply a coincidence, but it’s actually a  proven fact that seasonal affective disorder can make people feel grim, particularly as the temperature drops and the sunlight recedes.

If you and your team are becoming less motivated and struggling to give your clients the service they deserve this winter, then here are some tips to get you back on track.

Set Manageable Goals

Every team needs goals to work towards, but it’s important that they’re not too difficult as this can be demoralising. Make sure that you take into account the months of your trading year when your organisation isn’t as busy as usual and adjust your staff targets accordingly so that team members don’t feel disparaged and stop making an effort.

Reduce Their Workload

Staff who are overworked will not be able to perform to a high standard, so try to review your team’s workloads and explore the tasks you can take away from them. One great way to ensure your employees are less stressed and more able to perform their roles is to outsource tasks like cleaning. You can do this by working with professional teams so that your employees enjoy a safe and clean workspace without having to take care of it themselves. You can click here for a fully managed service in the UK that will take the stress off your staff!

Express Gratitude

As a business leader it’s important that you show your staff that you value them and their contribution towards your organisation. Christmas is a great time to show your staff that you care, but winter is long, and you can’t just support your team during the festive season. Whenever there’s a significant increase in work, or a project comes to a successful conclusion, be sure to congratulate those staff involved so that they feel valued.

Host Winter Activities For Staff

Winter brings with it a range of challenges, but also many benefits, such as the opportunity to get cosy and enjoy the festive season. Use these to your advantage and create a range of activities to improve the morale of your staff. These could include hot chocolate making contests, pyjama days or charity fundraisers. These activities will take your team’s minds off their sadness and give them something to look forward to about the winter.

Make Sure Help Is Available

Talking about poor mental health can be hard, particularly in a work environment, so make sure that you give your team members access to mental health support in the workplace. Be open about talking about mental health and make it clear that you are there to support staff and make reasonable adjustments to their workload or conditions should they need them.

A drop in morale is natural when the weather turns cold and dreary is understandable, but by using these tips you can ensure that it doesn’t continue and won’t affect your team’s performance.

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