Groundbreaking ‘Out of the Blue’ depression workshop coming to Wales

A revolutionary seminar to help sufferers of depression and anxiety is scheduled for Wales this June and September, led by experienced Life Transformation Coach, International Presenter, Counsellor & Journey Therapist, Debra Billett PgDip.

Out of the Blue is a separate workshop which follows on from the work of best selling authors and mind-body healers Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett as part of their work with Journey Therapy & Journey Events, worldwide.

Debra explains:

“Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are huge issues for UK adults, causing one fifth of all days lost from work in the UK.  One in six adults now has a mental health disorder diagnosis.

“While the profession focuses on chemical imbalance as a cause of depression, research shows that mindfulness is more effective than drugs or counselling in reducing symptoms, however the first resort for medical treatment is often prescribed medication.  Unfortunately, as drugs are not able to soften or enhance specific emotions without affecting all emotions, those who take anti-depressants are often left in a haze, feeling numbed out or disconnected emotionally.  This can cause sufferers to stop taking their meds with no treatment, which can be very dangerous, or continue long-term on drugs which simply mask the symptoms for a while, leaving patients dependent on them long-term with no recovery.  This seems illogical when other approaches have proven results.”

Kevin Billett, author of Out of the Blue is a world-leading expert in conscious life transformation, positive living and authentic leadership. He is joint founder and CEO of The Journey group of companies. He is Brandon Bays’ husband, Journey Method collaborator and business partner of 20 years – and is himself a good example of how effective this specific therapeutic & healing approach is.  Having suffered from chronic depression for more than 20 years, Kevin used the tools he had learned in The Journey to work through the root cause and finish with the pattern completely – and has lived depression free, with a sense of joy and deep fulfillment since 1994.

Debra explains:

“The Out of the Blue Freedom from the real causes of Depression & emotional shut down 2-day seminar offers clients the distinct possibility of becoming aware and shifting what set up the causes of Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the first place, helping clear unhealthy behaviours, beliefs and suppressed emotions and to clear and change them for empowered healthy decisions.

“Emotional vibrancy adds to life’s experiences. Having access to all emotions and feeling free to express them in conscious ways brings about an authentic expression of who you are and how you experience life.  We’ve had a fantastic response to the workshops – with delegates reporting huge changes since attending.”

Clients who have attended recent workshops have left glowing testimonials – here’s just two from the last workshop

“Can’t recommend this highly enough. Debra is incredible as are her team.   Real people with a comforting enjoyable but crucially, productive method. 
The difference in my PTSD is so clear, my GP is stunned !
“This is, without doubt the biggest step in progress I’ve made healing from multiple traumas. The severe PTSD & anxiety, has left me. 
Debra, thank you so much for opening my eyes.”

The workshops are entry-level events, so are open to everyone.

To learn more, or book a place, please visit the Out of the Blue website,, contact Debra via email [email protected] or telephone her for a chat on 07552 757000.

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