Google partners with ex-Olympic champion Denise Lewis to promote healthy gadget usage

  • New research from One Poll* reveals that over a third of UK adults report feelings of anxiety when separated from their mobile phone, even for a few minutes
  • Additionally, a smaller screen is an antidote with benefits including the feeling of still being connected but not overwhelmed (28%), and reducing the temptation of wasting time scrolling (27%)
  • The research reveals that 35% of mobile phone owners are rarely more than a few inches away from their device even whilst doing their favourite activities
  • Google has partnered with OBE Denise Lewis on a new podcast, ‘Runtethered’ to help Brits reduce their reliance on their mobile apps- available now on Spotify and Google podcasts

Today, Google has officially launched ‘Runtethered’ to help the nation reduce the reliance on their mobile apps and get two hands back with the help of the new Google Pixel Watch.

Partnering with sporting legend, mum of four, and television personality Denise Lewis OBE, a new podcast out today will help you ‘untether’ from your heavier non-hands-free device and the apps that distract you the most.

Cooking, Reading, Running…  New research reveals that 35% of mobile phone owners are rarely more than a few inches away from their device even whilst doing their favourite activities. In fact, such is our need to be constantly tethered, 17% say they can’t go more than 20 minutes without looking at their phone -and a further 16% can’t even make it past half an hour, for fear of missing an important message or call.


The survey, commissioned by Google Pixel Watch also sheds light on the lengths we’ll go to make sure we’re not missing out. Almost three-quarters of adults surveyed (72%) mostly keep their phone with them during the day whilst many take their device with them even if they are just moving into another room (28%).

Dating apps

One of the main draws to our phones is apps – but not just social media.

Dating apps seem to be the biggest drain on our time, surprisingly more so for those over 65 (52%) versus those aged 18 to 24 (31%). Endless scrolling on social media also makes the list (29%).

Bathroom breaks 

Amazingly, more than 1 in 4 (22%) take their phone to the bathroom.  A third of UK adults that have been left without access to their phone have reported anxiety (34%), feelings of stress, and being overwhelmed (6%).


As a result of this, Google Pixel Watch has partnered with OBE Denise Lewis to launch a unique podcast series to help coach the nation to ‘untether’ from their mobile phone and the apps that distract them most whilst exercising or doing other activities that benefit from being connected on your wrist.

The podcast has been created to encourage people to get off the sofa, spend more time away from multiple devices and get out into the world – while still maintaining the base level of connectivity needed. Runtethered is there to help you to feel more mentally and physically connected to the world around you.

Each episode sees Denise Lewis inviting people from a range of disciplines, to talk about finding their sport, tuning into the physical and mental rewards of movement and the mood-lifting mental tips, tricks, and benefits of committing to something they love.

It will also coach you to take different forms of exercise including running, and how to lift your mood and reduce the stress of being switched on all day.

Five initial episodes will be released where these guests will share their own journeys and provide ways how to go out while staying connected, to exercise effectively whilst truly appreciating the space you’re in.

Phone Anxiety

2% say they’ve even had physical reactions to not having access to their mobile apps such as breathlessness, nausea, or hyperventilation.

The behaviour is mainly fuelled by the need to keep up to date with email notifications (19%) and social media updates (17%), but there are distractions users would love to remove if they could.

Google Pixel Watch

In order to untether from distracting apps but still maintain the base level of connectivity needed for vital calls and messages and maps, a device with a smaller screen could be the key to feeling more immersed in the world around you – due to the fact the lure of social media and dating apps at your fingertips is removed, especially while you’re wanting to stay focused on exercising.

The Google Pixel Watch offers all you need on your wrist, even when you’re on the go – from maps to calls and texts to your calendar and even ways to pay – the benefits include the feeling of still being connected, but not overwhelmed (28%), reducing the temptation of wasting time scrolling on a phone (27%) and less opportunity to get immersed in distractions (19%).

Top 10 Activities People Would Rather Do Disconnected

  1. Cooking
  2. Shopping
  3. Crafting
  4. Running
  5. Reading
  6. Gardening
  7. Fishing
  8. Swimming
  9. Golf
  10. Walking 

Denise Lewis OBE says, “As a working busy mum of four, it’s important for me to find moments in my week where I amplify self-care and fit in moments to do the things that make me feel good about myself – first and foremost, exercise – but still feel connected to the world in some way, in case of emergencies.

“I wanted to have an opportunity to discuss how other people, in sports and beyond, could disconnect slowly from their mobile apps and tune into the outside world. And as a former professional athlete, I know how hard it can be to find some motivation to get exercising again! My ‘Runtethered’ Podcast series aims to help people disconnect from distracting apps and become more in tune with getting out!”

The five-part series from Google Pixel Watch will feature guests and cover specific topics on how to become less addicted to distracting apps on your phone and untethering to feel lighter and more in tune with getting out.

Google spokesperson, Laurian Clemence, said, “What we can see from the research is that it’s important to stay connected, but feel ‘lighter.’ People want to ensure that they don’t miss something important, but not get pulled into their devices and thereby become oblivious to their surroundings. The Runtethered podcast series was born out of launching the brand new Google Pixel Watch, which encourages less scrolling, making you aware of and improving physical and mental health, while still maintaining that connection through a smaller screen.”

Runtethered with Denise Lewis is available on Spotify, and you can buy the Google Pixel Watch in the Google Store.


*Survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Google via OnePoll, 8th November 2022 

*Survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Google via OnePoll, 8th November 2022 

Find out more about the Pixel Watch here, including LTE to remain connected without a phone

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