6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Dr. Pete Hinz from Cool Springs Chiropractic is a firm believer that many of the symptoms of stress can be tackled in perfectly natural ways – here, he shares 6 strategies sufferers can use to improve their quality of life:


Stress is something that catches up with us unexpectedly throughout our days. You could be driving to work, sitting in a meeting, or getting ready for bed at night when suddenly, you feel your stomach turn and you begin to sweat. You remember circumstances out of your control, you worry about things that are to come, and you may even start to shake. Those are signs of stress. Everyone experiences stress but luckily, there are ways to combat it. Here are six natural ways to relieve stress.


1. Listen to Motivational Music, Podcasts

If you’re someone who feels constantly stressed throughout your day, you need to find time to take a break and do something that makes you feel better. For many, music is their escape. Whenever possible, step aside from daily stressors and listen to an upbeat song or podcast. Find something that resonates with your soul and makes you feel alive. Music provides an escape, and it can take you away from the stress you feel, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You can also replace your stress with a feeling of empowerment. Listen to a podcast that motivates you to take charge of your life and overcome whatever is stressing you out.


2. Spend Time With Nature

One of the best ways to be alone with your thoughts is getting outside. When you’re outside, you can listen to yourself think and get to the root cause of your stress. Figuring out what is stressing you out is the first step in overcoming it. If work or family life becomes too much to handle at times, simply step away for a few minutes. Getting outside, feeling the breeze on your face, and seeing nature in all its glory are great ways to alleviate stress. You can go for a walk around your block and enjoy the peace and stillness of the world. It’s a great way to remind you that there’s more to life than stress.


3. Practice Meditation

If stress takes a grip on you every single day, consider starting your mornings with meditation. It allows you to be alone with your thoughts, practice deep breathing, and it teaches you that you’re in control. On top of reducing stress, meditation also helps you control anxiety, increase creativity, and promote emotional health. With meditation, you learn that you’re this amazing person who can accomplish what you set your mind to. You don’t have to allow the stress of work, bills, money, or family life to take control. Meditation teaches you to breathe deep and remember that there’s always a way to cope.


4. Exercise

One of the best natural stress relievers is exercise. Exercising regularly allows your body to produce endorphins. This helps you sleep better at night which in turn can improve stress, anxiety, and depression. Exercise also boosts self-confidence. It makes you feel better about how you look. Feeling better is a great way to combat stress. Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are all great exercises that promote mindfulness and body awareness.


5. Make Lists

If you’re looking to stop stress before it ever becomes a major problem, create lists. You can write down all of the things that stress you out and how you plan to overcome them. For example, if you’re stressed about bills then you should keep a list of when they’re due and how you’ll pay them. If work stresses you out, consider keeping a journal of the problems you encounter. Being able to physically read about the things that cause you stress will help you to better be able to cope with them. That’s because you’ll be able to see them as tangible problems that you can overcome.


6. Talk About Your Feelings Out Loud

Sometimes, simply mentioning your problems out loud can help to reduce stress. That’s because it’s better than internalizing everything. Tell yourself, out loud, whatever problems you have in life. After you’ve said them out loud, say what you can do to overcome them. You should practice doing this each morning and night. It allows you to take control of your body and mental health. It’s showing yourself and the world that you know what’s wrong and you’re going to do what you can to fix it. Once you empower yourself, you can better deal with stress.


Everyone deals with stress differently. It’s one of the hardest feelings and it can cause crippling anxiety and depression, especially if you let it build up. That’s why you need to find positive channels and outlets to deal with stress. Make lists, spend time outdoors, and remind yourself that you’re in charge. Positive affirmations each day can go along way when dealing with stress.


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