On time to talk day tech leader on how to promote a healthy working environment for staff

Being open and creating an environment where people feel comfortable to express how they feel is vital to promote good mental health in the workplace, a leading tech expert has said.

Speaking on Time To Talk Day, Roy Shelton, the CEO of the Connectus Group, also said working from home and more innovative ways of getting the job done can help to further boost wellbeing.

Mr Shelton said: “In all of the businesses which I have been involved in, I have always promoted and encouraged an open environment.

“This allows for a safe environment where colleagues are encouraged to speak openly about themselves, our joint challenges and how we all make mistakes. It is important to understand that this is OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

“It’s important too that we talk about how teamwork and collaboration sit equally alongside trust, and that we show  understanding and empathy.

“It’s also vital to understand not everyone is motivated in the same way and by the same things. And we need to remember that we can all share a common goal – that is to encourage a top down, bottom up approach to problem solving and ideas creation.

Outlining some of the specific cultures he tries to instill within the Connectus Group business that help aid wellbeing, Roy added: “It is important employees know that we don’t have to work 24hrs a day 7 days a week to be successful.

“And it is good to encourage healthy living and to have interests beyond the workplace. It’s vital to have a good diet and sleep well, and to prepare for the day or the week ahead in order to relieve tension caused through ambiguity and lack of planning. We provide a flexible work environment via WFH if needed. We also allow staff  to bring their dog to work if it helps you and we allow staff to celebrate their birthday by giving them a day off.  But above all, the most important thing in my view, it is vital  to reward and share successes and to set the right example.”

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