Keeping your Partner awake? 4 Ways to save your relationship from snoring

Brookman Solicitors discuss the impact snoring can have on a relationship – and more importantly, what you can do to help


With a recent relationships survey of over 1,000 married individuals conducted by Brookman Solicitors revealing an overwhelming number of respondents named snoring as one of their partner’s top most annoying habits, we can only imagine what effect this is having on our relationships!

There are many different factors that can trigger snoring in an individual and this often subsequently causes sleep deprivation in a partner. However, most importantly there are many ways you can manage snoring which will help both you and your partner get much needed shut eye. In this article Brookman Solicitors reveal four ways to combat snoring in order to save your relationship!

Snoring is caused by the narrowing of your throat and airways as a result when you breathe the vibrations of your uvula against your mouth are made louder, this creates the snoring sound. There different types of snorers ranging from mouth snorers, tongue snorers and nasal snorers, however despite which type of snorer you are there are four general steps you can take that will reduce how much you snore:


  • No Booze Before Bed

Alcohol is a sedative so certainly results in a long deep sleep, however it also relaxes and slows down your brain which can exasperate snoring issues. Snoring is often caused when the back of your throat collapses when you become relaxed and as explained alcohol enhances this affect considerably which is why it recommended you avoid any booze in the lead up to going to sleep.


  • Change Your Sleeping Position

You may not realise how much your sleeping position affects how much you snore as it impacts your airway passage. Sleeping on your side will help open up your airways whereas sleeping on your back will cause you chin and neck to trap and effectively squish your airway causing you to snore.


  • Invest in Snoring Prevention Products

Many supermarkets and pharmacies stock snoring prevention products thus they are affordable and readily available. There are many types of products to choose from including throat sprays which coat the throat for the night and reduce snoring vibrations and nasal strips which opens up your nasal passages allowing you to breathe easier. As there are different types of snoring and if you are uncertain which product would be best for you speak to a pharmacist or medical professional you will be able to guide you to the most appropriate product for you,


  • Make Changes To Your Lifestyle

There are changes you can make to your lifestyle that could considerably help reduce snoring helping both you and your partner get a good night’s sleep. In addition to cutting down on booze before you sleep, losing weight through eating healthily and exercising more can reduce how much you snore. This is because excess weight around your neck can prevent you breathing in and out effectively causing snoring. Furthermore smoking can lead to snoring as your airflow is again affected as your throat is irritated by the smoke. Therefore simple lifestyle steps can help rectify this medical problem.


Indeed, if it is your partner who is the snorer in your relationship and this is impacting on your sleeping routine. You can too take action,  support your partner with these changes by adopting a healthier lifestyle too, quitting smoking together, not having alcohol before bed and buying and researching into snoring prevention products that your partner could take.

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