Online community portal to support male cancer patients is launched for The Chestnut Appeal

Plymouth Science Park based web and UX design agency, Made with Maturity Ltd, has created an online community portal for male cancer patients. The platform has been developed for The Chestnut Appeal in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Chestnut Appeal supports men who are recovering, currently in treatment, or recently diagnosed with prostate, penile and testicular cancers. The portal enables The Chestnut Appeal team to easily engage with male patients who would have previously attended support groups before the Coronavirus outbreak. It also provides men who may feel particularly isolated and vulnerable at this time to get connected, and access help and support.

The site allows visitors to join weekly video support groups, find up to date information in the FAQs, engage with other peers through the forum and submit requests for help and support. The portal is easy to use for those who are technology adverse.

Lesley-Ann Simpson, Charity Director, The Chestnut Appeal said: “I am so pleased that we’ve managed to get this online portal launched. It will give as much support as possible to everyone in our community in the months and years ahead.

“Cancer hasn’t stopped, the support men need hasn’t stopped and our services haven’t stopped either, but the way we interact with each other has had to change.

“The Chestnut Appeal for men’s health is here for you, so please keep in touch, please use this online portal and let’s get this online community growing. I would also like to say a massive thank you to Clare and Ben from Made with Maturity who pulled out all the stops to make this happen.

“Made with Maturity, which is based at Plymouth Science Park, is now offering the online community portal as a product which can be purchased and deployed within a few days for other charities, and commercial organisations. The firm’s Account Director, Clare Stirling said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively with Lesley-Ann and the team from The Chestnut Appeal to develop the community portal.

“Lesley-Ann approached us with concerns that they weren’t able to easily reach their vulnerable patients and needed to get something in place quickly to support those in need. Through working together, the features were defined, evolved and developed which has resulted in the live portal.

“All credit to The Chestnut Appeal for taking the lead in adapting and getting online during the Covid-19 outbreak. We are now pursuing different avenues to explore if the portal is useful for similar organisations.”

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park, said: “This is one of many examples of how our tenants are responding with speed and agility to the current climate. I’d like to congratulate both The Chestnut Appeal and Made with Maturity on creating the portal so quickly and effectively.”

If you are interested in having a conversation about how you can use the portal, please contact Clare Stirling, Project Director on 01752 936300 or [email protected]

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