How to Cope with Arthritis Pain in the Knee

Arthritis is a medical condition that far too many people are familiar with on a personal level. Here in the UK, it is a condition that affects more than 10 million people, which is quite staggering. While it’s certainly more common with seniors, children and adults of any age can suffer from it. At its best, it can be a minor inconvenience, but for some, it is much more and can be so painful that it affects their ability to go about their daily lives.

If you’re suffering from mild to moderate arthritis pain in the knee, you know better than anyone just how frustrating it can be. You may have good days and bad, which makes it hard to plan and get things done as your knee(s) can dictate just how mobile you’re able to be that day. There are ways to get relief, however, and here are some of the treatments and tips you can use.

Lifestyle Changes Will Likely Be Necessary

No matter how mild or severe your knee arthritis is, you will likely need to make some lifestyle changes. Knee arthritis, called osteoarthritis, may develop slowly, but once it does, it tends to worsen over time. You want to do everything you can to slow down that progression and potentially stop it. Lifestyle changes can be a great starting point and if adopted early enough, it may be all you need to do right now. Some of the lifestyle changes you may need to make include:

  • Losing weight
  • Focusing on a healthy well-balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly, making sure you focus on building the muscles in your knee
  • Adding more vitamin C to your routine, which can have a positive effect on inflammation

Anti-Inflammatories and Pain Relievers Can Be Useful

While you don’t want to rely on these treatments as your only option, anti-inflammatories and pain relievers can be quite helpful. Any prescription medications will be under the supervision of your doctor, so it may just be a short-term course that is prescribed.

Visit an Orthopaedic Clinic

Sometimes, even with all your best intentions, you simply can’t cope or manage on your own. Sometimes you need a little professional help. One Orthopaedics is an orthopaedic clinic that deals with a variety of issues including pain associated with knee arthritis. They will be able to assess your condition and then figure out the best treatment path to offer substantial relief. Some of the non-surgical treatments that can help include walking aids, physiotherapy, and pain killers.

In More Extreme Cases, Surgery May be Recommended

For those who are suffering from more significant pain and have tried other treatment options with no results, surgery may be recommended. Some may even need a partial or total knee replacement, which is a very involved procedure that will require after-care and recovery.

The most important takeaway for those who have arthritis pain in the knee is that you don’t need to suffer in silence. There are treatments and you can enjoy significant results.