World Cup 2018: Health-conscious Millennials shun beer… and the pub

Drinking beer at the pub might be the traditional way of watching the World Cup. But according to new figures, health-conscious young Millennials would much rather sip on soft drinks in the comfort of their own homes.

A study by The Ice Co found a three-quarters (74 per cent) of Millennials prefer to watch the World Cup at home rather than in a noisy, busy pub where you have to queue for drinks.

When it comes to the drinks of choice for 18 to 24 year olds this summer, the study shows soft drinks lead the way followed by fruit and ice-filled cocktails.

In stark contrast, ice cold beer is the drink of choice for over half of “Baby Boomers” (53 per cent) – and the majority (61 per cent) prefer the traditional camaraderie of the pub, so will be watching the World Cup there

The top 10 drinks 18 to 24 year olds will be sipping on this summer, are:

  1. Soft drinks with ice (38 per cent)
  2. Cocktails (34 per cent)
  3. Ice cold beer (32 per cent)
  4. Chilled cider (24 per cent)
  5. Prosecco (18 per cent)
  6. Gin and tonic (14 per cent)
  7. Extra chilled wine (13 per cent)
  8. Baileys with Ice (11 per ice)
  9. Tequila (9 per cent)
  10. Whisky on the rocks (9 per cent)

The Ice Co’s findings have been included in a new report by food and drink futurologist Lyndon Gee, called World Cup 2018: We’ll be playing at home, not away!

Lyndon commented:

“Staying in is definitely the new going out, with Millennials preferring to watch the World Cup at home with their close friends and family. Cost is one factor with two-fifths of young people saying it’s much cheaper to host it at home. But another reason could be because “pub culture” just isn’t cool anymore – and the associated binge drinking just isn’t healthy. Fruit and ice filled cocktails and soft drinks are seen as much healthier options, so are the drinks of choice for young Millennials this summer.”

Ginny Durdy, marketing manager at The Ice Co, which commissioned the research, said:

“Our study showed two of the main reasons Millennials prefer to stay at home to watch the World Cup is because it’s cheaper and you don’t have to queue for drinks. Another key reason, for a quarter of Millennials, is because they think the pub environment is “too laddy”. There’s nothing quite like getting your friends and family round to watch the match, buying lots of snacks and serving cold drinks straight from a box or bucket filled with ice.”

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