Endometriosis : Innovation offers hope of pain reduction for sufferers

A new clinical study highlights, for the first time, 66.1% reduction in pain due to endometriosis thanks to an innovative solution.

Laboratoires Pronutri present a specific complex showing a 66.1% reduction in pain due to endometriosis. A clinical study published in the journal Minerva Ginecologica in October 2020 and in the journal Genesis in June/July 2020 shows a reduction in pain in women with endometriosis of AFSr* stages II, III and IV in a maximum of 4 months.

As endometriosis is an ever-increasing pathology, generally recurrent and often accompanied by intense chronic pain, millions of women worldwide will be able to access a solution that can improve their quality of life.

A natural solution formulated and developed in France

Laboratoires Pronutri, whose headquarters and production center are based in France, have developed a specific and innovative formulation of trace-metals called Nutri Endo®, a natural solution that reduces pain by 66.1% in women suffering from endometriosis. This level of reduction is a particularly high index considering that pain reduction is defined as significant as early as 33% according to a study published in 2003 (cf.1).

Nutri Endo is a specific complex of trace-metals assembled in sequences. It is natural and free of undesirable effects. Its recommended duration of use is 2 months for early stages (I and II) or for prevention and 4 months or more for stages III and IV and long established endometriosis.

Nutri Endo can be taken during Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) processes.

Endometriosis, a recurrent pathology, in constant increase

According to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, endometriosis affects approximately 10% of women worldwide and more than 2 million in France.

Cases of endometriosis are constantly on the rise and we are seeing a broadening of age groups with more and more young girls affected from the time of their first menstrual period.

Endometriosis is a generally recurrent pathology, caused by the abnormal presence of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity.

Pain is the main disabling symptom. Chronic pain prevents a woman from leading a normal, professional, social and intimate life, and can even lead to sterility. Follow-up in a pain center is sometimes necessary. In case of surgery, the average post-operative recurrence rate is about 20% within 5 years.

An international multicenter clinical study

Nutri Endo has been submitted to a clinical study approved by regulatory authorities and ethics committees. This study was conducted in several international centers on a randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled basis in premenopausal women with a diagnosis of ASFr stages II, III and IV endometriosis.

The team have provided testimonials from health professionals and women using the solution:


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