Nutmeg study finds more Brits choosing sustainable and ethical lifestyles

Whether it’s recycling, cutting energy use at home, or changing the way they eat and drink, 71% of Brits say they are choosing more sustainable and ethical lifestyles these days, Nutmeg survey suggests.

The survey conducted by Nutmeg, an online investment management service, revealed that 90% of Brits find it easy to recycle, while 89% and 85% are fine with cutting back on energy or water use respectively. Almost half of the Brits find it easier to change the way they travel while 38% claim the same when it comes to their shopping choices matching their ethics more closely.

However, far fewer people in the UK are willing to put ethics first when it comes to big purchases such as buying a new car, with only 20% claiming they always or often make socially responsible decisions with their finances. When it comes to investing ethically, only 30% of people said they believed doing so was easy to accomplish.

These results suggest a lack of information available on ethical purchasing options and investing, even at a time when the focus and interest in ethical investments is on the rise. Today, a larger number of people, especially millennials, take their responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet seriously. This willingness for positive ethical changes has led Nutmeg to join forces with a leading provider of environmental, social and governance data, MSCI, to become the first UK wealth manager to provide scores for these factors across their entire investment range.

By combining data on environmental impacts, social responsibility and governing ethics, this approach allows the greatest transparency yet on how people’s investments align with their own values, making more sustainable and ethical investment choices easier to make.

Find out more about Nutmeg’s socially responsible investing portfolio here:

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