Can a candle really improve your wellbeing?

Vibrational Therapist Lisa Baker reviews Partylite’s Be Balanced Candle

The benefits of aromatherapy have been long recognised, with certain essential oils having beneficial properties for mind and soul.

With this in mind, popular high-end candle specialists PartyLite™ have launched their new collection, Be Balanced – a range that looks and smells great while delivering the best plant-derived, mood-enhancing ingredients.  It’s designed with  a wellness spa theme in mind, although while you may be lucky enough to enjoy a massage treatment with these heavenly aromatherapy scents, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils at home thanks to these lovely candles.

As an office full of ever-stressed media professionals, we decided to give the ‘Be Relaxed’ candle a try to see if it brought a sense of calm to our little office.

What we see on opening the box

The first thing to note is the smell, which was amazing!  However, anything coming into your home should also look great and this looked a cut above from many of the ranges we’ve seen on the high street, with twin wicks and a high-quality holder that looked the part.

What’s good about it?

1. The candle itself

With a focus on quality, which is something that matters in the high-end candle market, it’s worth noting that this candle is made from 100% soy wax, which is much higher quality than a paraffin wax candle – but a lot more expensive to produce – this ingredient costs 10 times more than paraffin wax.  The candle is certainly not 10 times the price, at £24.95 it’s competitive with other high-end brands.

In case you are wondering why soy candles generally cost more, soy wax is derived from the soybean, so it is more expensive to extract, but 100% natural, 100% renewable and environmentally friendly, whereas paraffin wax is a by-product derived from refining petrol.  It also burns at a lower temperature, so lasts 50% longer.  Paraffin wax (unfortunately the choice for most mainstream candle suppliers) gives off carcinogens when burned, creates a soot residue and is not at all friendly to the environment (or your lungs!).  Soy is also more efficient, because the way it melts, forming a pool, is far more effective at releasing the vapour into the room – all of which adds up to a higher quality candle that lasts longer and smells better for longer!

2. The Scent

Obviously there is no point in having a great looking candle (or a great smelling one that disappoints when lit), so scent is everything.  And this range did not disappoint.

Straight out of the box, our team were giving oohs and ahhs about the smell, a classic blend of Lavender and Patchouli pure essential oils.  One of the major differences between entry level candles and high-end ranges is that the scent comes from pure essential oils rather than fragrance oils, and it shows.  Then, when lit,

Partylite also produce their own essential oil blends, safe for use on the skin and it is these blends that are used to craft these candles.


3. The look

The candle pot is attractive and the white with terracotta writing will work in most styles of decor.

4. The effect on mood

In a busy publisher’s office, with a team of candle-loving girls all oo-ing and ahh-ing at our candle review, the mood was definitely lifted and as a qualified vibrational therapist myself, these are certainly oils I would use in our oil burner at a stressful time, although having them in a high-quality candle is far more convenient.

More telling is the fact that post-review, we all wanted to take this one home.

Our interior design journalist Ellie Granville, who reviewed the candle on her interior design post for Homes Ad-Hoc, was the fortunate beneficiary.


So, overall, yes, we recommend it, yes we felt more relaxed going home and yes…. we are all checking out the Partylite website!


About the author

A qualified reiki master, vibrational therapist and massage therapist, Lisa Baker now uses her skills to write about natural healing.  Lisa is also the Editor-in-Chief at Need to See IT Publishing

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Editor Lisa Baker is a professional writer and the owner of Need to See IT Publishing. However, Lisa is also passionate about the benefits of a holistic approach to healing, being a qualified Vibrational Therapist. Lisa also has qualifications in Auricular Therapy, Massage, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Seichem and is a Reiki Master.