New Tea Brand Launches to Boost Wellbeing

A Hertfordshire-based start-up has launched a new range of healthy teas, designed to boost health and wellbeing.

The brand, Nutra Tea, has been the conclusion of three years of work, having sourced ingredients from over 20 different countries to conjure up a brew that tastes good and does good too.

With a range of teas available including ginger, turmeric, curcumin, chamomile and more, each bag contains 100% raw ingredients.

The teas are designed to support body functions and conditions, ranging from insomnia, bladder problems and alcohol recovery.

The founder of Nutra Tea explained: “Some people may not need to rely on heavy medications if they have anxiety or trouble sleeping. You may find the solution in an herbal tea, which is rich in ingredients.”

“We want to change perceptions about modern medicine, because I think people today are a lot more open-minded to try different products such as CBD and other alternatives.”

“When you go to a supermarket and buy a box of tea, a lot of it has been filtered with additives and other ingredients, because for many, the taste of 100% ginger tea, for instance, is too strong. But this means that the health benefits are limited.”

“At Nutra Tea, our tea range has the full 100% of the ingredient and we have spent years to work on the taste so that it is delicious too, whilst giving you all the health and wellbeing benefits.”

Despite launching in Q4 last year, the best sellers include NutraCleanse, a combination of liquorice and dandelion root to help promote the digestive function and encourage bowel movement.

NutraRelax is perfect for anxiety and is made up of such ingredients as lemon balm and valerian root to alleviate symptoms associated with stress, headaches and insomnia.

To find out more about Nutra Tea and to see their full range of products, please visit their website:

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