At least one person on every street in Scotland will feel lonely this Christmas

One of Edinburgh’s leading care and support providers, Social Care Alba are working hard to address the public health crisis of loneliness this festive season by ensuring that all of their service users receive as much support as possible as well as a visit from their carer on Christmas Day.

According to Age Scotland, 100,000 older people in Scotland feel lonely most or all of the time and 200,000 will go at least half a week without a phone call or visit from anyone. Further to this, almost 110,000 older people will be sitting down to dinner alone on Christmas Day this year.

Nataly Wilson, Founder of Social Care Alba said: “These figures are very saddening and something that we need to work to urgently address. Loneliness has become a public health crisis and we are committed facing this head on and tackling it. No one should be alone at Christmas.”

With the care sector under constant pressure, and carers over stretched due to lack of resources, undoubtedly this will mean that the festive season will put considerable strain on the existing care crisis across Scotland.

Brian Sloan, Chief Executive of Age Scotland, said:

“Our new research shows the heart-breaking extent of Scotland’s loneliness epidemic, which can be especially acute at this time of year. For those who have lost a loved one, there’s no doubt this is the toughest time. Older people tell us they are dreading December 25th as it brings back too many memories of happy times and those who have passed away.

“Loneliness and isolation can be hidden problems, but we estimate there’s at least one chronically lonely older person on every street in Scotland. There is still a stigma about loneliness that prevents people asking for help. This is taking a huge toll on their mental and physical health, with studies showing it increases their risk of heart attacks, strokes, and developing dementia.”

Social Care Alba will be providing all of their employees with a winter care package and have already put provisions in place for their employees this winter to ensure that levels of assistance across the city remain consistent for those in need, over the festive period.

Social Care Alba was established to provide support to people living in their own home. The care and support is based upon core values underpinned by the Health & Social Care Standards. Their vision is one of person centred support, which incorporates values of dignity and respect, privacy and inclusion, choice and realising potential – as well as safety, equality and diversity.

They are continuously looking to the future, planning ahead and anticipating future demands, thus allowing them to recruit, train and plan services in advance with the support and inclusion of staff.

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