Can Cars Help Improve Your Happiness?

Taking the car out for a spin has long been relied upon as a stress-buster. It’ll give you time away from your day-to-day problems, and perhaps to visit somewhere that’ll help to take your mind off things. Plus, it you’re driving the right kind of car on the right kind of road, then the act of driving can, in and of itself, be therapeutic.

Does car happiness depend on the car price?

According to research from the University of Chicago, many motorists report that they would be happier if they were driving a more expensive car. Moreover, many who have already bought an expensive car claim to be happier for having done so. However, when researchers narrowed their questioning down to the last trip taken, they found no significant difference in happiness between drivers of expensive cars and cheap ones.

Indeed, if you’ve bought a more expensive car, then you might ultimately find that you’re more stressed, thanks to the financial burden that a vehicle of that sort imposes. Conversely, if you’re invested in insurance policies like GAP insurance, then you might find that you enjoy greater peace of mind.

Which cars improve happiness?

So, if not price, then what about a car makes us happy? According to a survey from Which?, it’s the Alfa Romeo Guilia, which reliably puts smiles on faces thanks to its combination of performance and handling.

Owning an eco-friendly car may improve happiness

More and more of us are conscious of the environmental impact that our driving behaviour might have. And thus, environmental factors have begun to enter more and more into the way we think about our motoring purchases. The infrastructure that makes a switch to electric vehicles more viable is finally being rolled out, and improvements in battery efficiency are helping to eliminate so-called ‘range anxiety’, which has deterred many would-be adopters from making the switch.

If you’ve made a decision to go eco-friendly, then you might find yourself happier in the long-run – especially if you’re already thinking about the future of the natural world and the things that live in it.

Driving a car can actually help de-stress

But what about the inherent stress-busting power of going for a drive? A study commissioned by Ford US determined that driving is actually more thrilling than kissing. The researchers looked at people who drove a sports car, watched a football match, and went on a rollercoaster. Of course, whether this matches with your experience will depend on who you’re kissing.


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