How to Find Your Perfect Signature Fragrance

Finding your signature scent takes a lot of effort and consideration. There are thousands of fragrances to explore, so how do you even get started? Maybe you have a few scent preferences already established, or maybe you’re looking for something new and a little daring. Wherever you land, your fragrance has to suit your personality and style because how you smell boosts confidence and leaves a lasting impression on people too. The guide below explores how to find your perfect signature fragrance.

Try Two at a Time

The most effective chance you can give yourself when searching for your signature scent is to always have two in circulation until you make a decision. Trying two at a time means you won’t get overwhelmed by too many choices and can instead focus on a small number of options to rule out or put on the potential list. Pick two at random, or look at some review sites if you want to try something completely different that is widely well reviewed.

Understanding the Scent

With the method above you can take your time in understanding what you are smelling. Everyone has scents they like and ones that they just can’t stand. Explore all the ingredients that go into making the perfume or cologne and see if they line up with your preferences. Typical fragrances that go into bottled scents vary a lot and it could be anything from rose petals to sandalwood plus everything in between. Ultimately, you get to decide what you love vs. what doesn’t quite connect with your senses and create a list of immediate vetos to avoid for future exploration.

Figuring Out What You Like

Starting with something familiar is a good way to figure out what you actually like on your scent agenda. Do you like something more rugged like bergamot, or are you more in tune with a lighter, floral angle? Here are a few ideas for the most common scents used in cologne or perfume, and remember, finding your perfect one is about moving with what feels right and what feels nice — nothing else matters.

  • Rosemary
  • Sandalwood
  • Mint
  • Musk
  • Amber
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Floral

There are, of course, hundreds of others but the ones listed here are major players in the fragrance industry. Any popular scent is likely to have some or a combination of the ones mentioned above but there are natural alternative choices to explore as well if none of these scents resonate positively.

Experimenting with the Established Brands

If you really have absolutely zero intuition on where to get started, consider tapping into the most reliable and established brands as a place to jump off from. You can always go to the physical brick and mortar store as well and try out a lot of different varieties. Perfume and cologne tend to be non-returnables; instead, people are encouraged to use the tester bottles first. Go spray some well-known brands and see if anything speaks to you.

Explore the Season, but Keep Your Favorite Close By

Some scents used by companies like Byredo come from specific natural ingredients like particular flowers to provide consistent products that are then available all year round. There are other fragrances that are more seasonal. If you are big into following the fashions and trends of the season, you can also do this with your choice of perfume or cologne. However, for that signature scent, it is better to have something you can find any time of the year just in case.

Playing with the Budget

Don’t forget, your signature should be one that is worth the money too. Some bottles cost $20 and others cost $200, so what’s the difference? Well, the one that costs $200 is likely to have more staying power, smell better, and be kinder to your skin from a trusted company. The $20 bottle is likely to be a lovely smell, but it might not last as long and need constant re-applications throughout the day, and it might not be produced as thoroughly or carefully.

Do a Scent Quiz

Finally, you could always do a scent quiz online to figure out whether you are a floral kind of guy or an earthy one. This provides a valuable frame of reference for narrowing down that shortlist and will show you what might suit your wider tastes and sense of style as well. Try to stick to a reliable source and answer all the questions as honestly as possible for the most accurate results.

Finding your perfect, signature scent is an equal parts process of elimination and equal parts understanding what you love and what moves you. There is the one for you out there, you just have to find it. Take a scent quiz, lean on the more established brands for a higher guarantee of quality in the product, and don’t forget to be true to what you like.

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