A new ‘hands-off’ digital back pain therapy service launches in the UK

BackPain.online, a new, personalised digital treatment programme to support people with back pain has launched in the UK. The founders believe it is a cheaper and more effective solution than regular visits to a chiropractor, physio or osteopath, as sufferers who understand their condition do more rehab and get better outcomes. And with around 80 per cent of people being affected by back pain during their lifetime*, it’s a common problem that needs a solution.

BackPain.online’s treatment programme follows the guidelines set out by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, an agency of the NHS) on how best to support back issues. By asking the patient to complete a 27-question eConsultation, and then drawing on technology similar to artificial intelligence (AI), BackPain.online delivers a personalised back pain therapy programme through short, easy-to-follow videos explaining the injury, offering tips and advice as well as corrective exercises (covering education, advice, and rehab). This includes topics such as ‘when and how to apply heat or ice’ as well as demystifying common back conditions.

Commenting on the video format, founder and registered osteopath, Graeme Rider said: “Of course, there are hundreds of back pain exercise videos available on the internet from unvetted sources but the patient has no understanding of whether the exercise is suitable and whether or not it may, in fact, aggravate a condition.

“Where we differ is that we undertake a thorough consultation before giving patients access to a personalised series of education, advice and rehab exercises that should be worked through in order to alleviate back pain anytime and anywhere.”

Pricing and treatment programmes
There are two ways to access the therapy: a one-off 60-day course, or a monthly subscription with videos sent to the patient on a weekly basis. Starting from just £7.99 per month, the solution is markedly more cost-effective than paying for regular, in-person physical manipulation.

There are treatment programmes for people with severe pain and those looking to maintain a healthy back. Crucially the programmes are provided immediately so that sufferers no longer have an agonising wait to get an appointment in a clinic.

Target audience
BackPain.online is likely to appeal to anyone who experiences back pain and particularly those who find it hard to make a regular appointment with their chiropractor, physio or osteopath; those who drive and travel for work; frequent flyers; those working from home; those on a tight budget; amateur sportspeople, new mums, gardeners; and those whose physical or sedentary occupation causes back pain.

Graeme Rider continued: “Previous experience of working in clinics shows that very few people remember the nature of their injury, what to do and what not to do, or even how to undertake the necessary strength and flexibility exercises that are required between physical manipulation appointments, and it’s that combined approach that really counts. Having a physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic appointment may give some immediate relief but it rarely solves the problem for the client in the long term on its own. We know that when a patient takes responsibility for the management of their back condition, they get more effective and more long-lasting results.

“Subscribing to BackPain.online is like the patient having their very own clinician in the room, educating and advising them, talking them through exercises that are specific to their individual condition. And because the programme is delivered digitally, that clinician can go with the patient on holiday, to the golf course, on a business trip or be available whenever they need support at home.”

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