Gympass launches 2020 End of Year Awards to celebrate its community success

Gympass, the world’s leading corporate wellness platform, has launched its inaugural End Of Year Awards.

And what a year it has been with Gympass’ corporate and fitness partners facing extraordinary challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite everything, the Gympass community has come through and its 2020 End of Year Awards seek to celebrate the very best examples of leadership, support, and innovation in the last year. Its categories include partners, personal trainers, clients and wellness apps.

“Despite the hardships of 2020, we’ve made it through and are very proud of our incredibly resilient, tough, and positive community,” says Luke Bullen, Gympass CEO UK/IE.  “The unanticipated change that took us over this year was daunting, but we pulled together and worked quickly and closely with our partners and the wider industry to embrace new ways of working – and working out – in the new situation.

“We want to thank and recognise all our amazing leisure partners including gyms, studios, personal trainers, fitness instructors and wellbeing apps for providing the resources that have eased this year’s strain. We also wish to extend our gratitude to our corporate clients for their patience and confidence in our ability to pivot our services to fulfil their workforce wellness needs.”


 The 2020 Gympass End Of Year Awards UK winners are as follows


Most Popular Fitness Partners

Most Popular Full-Service Gym                                   Nuffield Health – Derby

Most Popular Studio                                                       Barry’s

Most Popular Yoga Classes                                            MoreYoga

Most Popular Dance Classes                                         Frame

Most Popular Boxing Classes                                        AWAKN

Most Popular Strength Classes                                     Sweat It

Most Popular in London                                                Fitness First

Most Popular in Derby                                                   Nuffield Health

Most Popular in Major City                                           Atlas Fitness/Milton Keynes

Most Popular National Chain                                       Bannatyne Health Clubs

Most Popular Live Class                                                Beat81, Hyde Park

Most Popular Local Gym                                               Atlas Fitness


Personal Trainers

Most Popular PT                                                            Katrin Schlee

PT with most loyal users                                              India Allen PT



Most Active Client overall (over 10,000 employees)  uber

Most Active Client, under 10,000 employees             Capgemini

Most Active Client, under 1,000 employees               Renre

Most Zen Client                                                               Arcadis

Client that took most live classes                                 Santander

Client that took the most personal training               Bupa

Client that uses the most wellness apps                      Network Rail

Company that had the most in-person visits             uber

Most active new client                                                    Bupa


Wellness Apps

Most Popular Wellness App: overall                             Neou

Most Popular Wellness App: nutrition                          Nootric

Most Popular Wellness App: fitness                             Neou

Most Popular Wellness App: mental health                 WellnessCoach

Most Popular Wellness App: online therapy               HealingClouds

Most Popular Wellness App: sleep                                Calm




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