Revolutionary new menopause countdown test reaches UK

A remarkable new blood test that will reveal whether a woman is likely to reach her menopause within the next 12 to 24 months has revolutionised treatments across America. It is now available in the UK. The MenoCheck test could influence a range of health decisions for women, from coming off birth control to starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

MenoCheck is the first-ever clinically validated blood test to assess women’s menopausal status. It will assess the time until a woman’s final menstrual period, which can help to reduce the risk of diseases and conditions associated with the loss of ovarian hormones. It was granted FDA approval in the USA last year and is now available from MenoCheck direct to UK patients, and from the London Medical Laboratory to clinicians.

Until now there has been no test available to predict when a menopause will happen; instead, doctors rely on the frequency of a woman’s periods. Colorado University researchers created the new blood test to measures levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) in the blood. When AMH is low, it means eggs are running out.

MenoCheck’s Founder and Director, Dr Seth Rankin MBChB, Dip Obs, MRCGP, says:

‘MenoCheck is a test that will let women know how far they are away from the menopause. Knowing how long women have until their periods stop is very useful in many situations. For women with very bothersome periods it could help with whether to have a hysterectomy or not. It can help any woman to make decisions about contraception and whether and when to start HRT to help prevent complications and symptoms of menopause – like hot sweats, bone loss and dryness.’

Explains Dr Rankin:

‘The new menopause check is a simple process for any woman wishing to find out about her menopausal status. MenoCheck delivers a box containing a simple pin-prick blood test that she can do in the comfort of her home. She simply returns it to us using the pre-paid envelope and we send the test results back.’

The new test captured headlines in the US, including Forbes and the New Scientist, and has recently featured in the UK press including The Times and the Telegraph. For more information, see:

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