Which mobility aid is right for me? Take the quiz!

Alana Pritchard, Physiotherapist at Mobility Heaven, considers how to choose which walking aid is best for your situation

Are you struggling to get about and think a mobility aid might help you – but not sure which sort to go for?

This free quiz will help you find out which mobility aid could be the one for you.

Just answer a few simple questions about your current ability and what you want from a mobility aid, and you will get a personalised report.

Which Mobility Aid is best for me?

There are so many different mobility aids available, it can seem impossible to know where to start….

So, to break it down, the five main types of mobility aids available are (from least supportive to most supportive):

Walking sticks/canes – least supportive
Walking frames
Mobility Scooters
Wheelchairs – most supportive

Which one is suitable for you will depend on three main things:


Your ability level will affect the choices available to you, because choosing a safe option is the most important thing.

For example, if you are very wobbly on your feet and have been falling over, you might need more support than a walking stick. You might need a walking frame so you can be more stable.

Another example is, if you have very weak arms you may not be able to manage with crutches, as you have to take a lot of your body weight through your arms.

Weight bearing status:

This means whether you are allowed to put full weight through both your legs or not.

Sometimes, people are not allowed to put weight on their leg, for example, after a surgery or a broken bone.

They are told not to put weight on it by their doctor. And if they do, it could mean their leg doesn’t heal properly.

These weight bearing rules affect what sort of mobility aid you are allowed to use.

For example, if someone is ‘non weight bearing’ they are not allowed to put any weight through their leg at all.

In which case they won’t be allowed to use a walking stick – the minimum would be crutches, maybe even a walking frame.


The final factor that affects what mobility aid is suitable is what you want it for!

Do you want to feel safer getting from one end of the living room to the other? A stick or frame might be best for this.

Or do you want to feel free and get out on your own into town, or beyond? In which case a mobility scooter or wheelchair might be right for the job.

Choosing a mobility aid is a tricky thing to get right because everyone is so different, with different wants and needs! This is why seeing a Physiotherapist is important, as they are the experts in helping you decide what’s right for you.

Speak to your GP about seeing a Physiotherapist for a mobility aid assessment and they can refer you.

Or visit physio2U and pop in your postcode to find and book a fully qualified and registered physiotherapist near you.

And in the mean time, have a go at the mobility aid quiz to get an idea of what might be suitable for you!

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