The Spa At Beckenham Gym To Undergo £400,000 Facelift

The gym at Bromley’s The Spa at Beckenham is to benefit from a £400,000 facelift as part of a long-term, multi-phase investment plan by Mytime Active to maintain its status as a state-of-the-art, high-end health and wellness facility over the coming years.

Work on phase one, a total refurbishment of the main gym floor including new fitness equipment, will start in March and is expected to take around five weeks to complete. The new look gym will reopen in April.

Jason Stanton, Mytime Active’s CEO, says: “The refurbishment of the gym at The Spa at Beckenham is very important to us as we continue to invest in our services and assets. We’re upgrading the facilities to ensure we have the very best equipment there is to offer and maintain The Spa as an industry-leading facility, as well as keeping up with new training trends. The refurbishment will enhance the overall experience for our members and hopefully encourage even more people in the community to try out what we have to offer.”

Mytime Active has designed a safe, natural journey around the gym for both new and experienced users, creating a series of zones using different coloured lighting. The areas naturally flow through:

Health orientated training – light blue lighting
Fixed resistance equipment – green lighting
Cardiovascular equipment – purple lighting
eGym specialist strengthening and toning equipment – orange lighting
Functional training – red lighting
Free weights – dark blue lighting
Renders of the new gym space at the Spa at Beckenham

Darren Anderson, Mytime Active’s Principal Fitness and Wellbeing Manager, who is leading the redevelopment project, says: “We very carefully considered the new layout to minimise any ‘gym intimidation’, putting equipment for those who may be new to exercise, recovering from illness or living with a long-term medical condition, as well as our GP referral customers and less confident gym users, near to the entrance. Fixed resistance machines and eGym strengthening and toning equipment, which creates a personalised workout for each user, will also be located on the ground floor. We hope this will encourage progression once members are more comfortable with the gym floor setting and equipment.

“The gym will feature top-of-the-range fitness equipment from Life Fitness, Keiser, Physical Company and Power Plate, to name a few. The zonal lighting will simplify navigation around the gym and has been selected based on a psychological match to the activity being undertaken as, like music, lighting can really make a difference to the focus, energy and mood of a fitness space.”

A selection of small group exercise classes for adult, junior and Primetime over 60s customers will also be delivered on the gym floor, including free weight lifting clinics, eGym athletic and muscle building classes and a series of different functional training classes.

Anderson explains: “These small, bookable classes will help increase interaction, exercise education and promote the new training equipment to ensure our customers get the most from their workouts, as well as creating a training environment we hope will appeal to people who may not normally participate in conventional group exercise classes.”

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