New service launched to protect employee wellbeing upon their return to the workplace

As businesses across the UK begin opening their doors to employees, the British Safety Council have launched an Assurance Assessment Service that provides guidance for employers looking to tackle wellbeing issues in the workplace.

COVID-19 has, undoubtedly, had severe consequences for businesses across the globe, with many employees either being furloughed or faced with working from home for months on end. However, the thought of returning to work as normality begins to resume can seem daunting.

In an effort to address this issue, the new Assurance Assessment Service acts as a guide for businesses and organisations from all sectors regarding best practices to implement in the workplace, ensuring the wellbeing of its employees as we continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

How the Assurance Assessment Service can help:

Providing guidance regarding employee wellbeing – focused specifically on the need for risk and health assessments, mental health training for managers and designated employees, as well as the identification of vulnerable staff to help decide the best course of action for their return to work.
The Assurance Assessment Service also advises businesses on the best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19, the need for workplace adjustments where required and the importance of communication between employees.

How does it work?

Professional support and independent assurance is offered from the British Safety Council’s health, safety, wellbeing and environmental experts so that businesses can implement the best strategies to suit their unique circumstances. Individual businesses can also rest assured that the advice they receive is up to date and in line with current government guidance.

Why is this service important?

The British Safety Council recently surveyed businesses and organisations across the country in an effort to determine their stance on wellbeing and the efforts they have undertaken to support this:

Nearly 40% of businesses do not have a defined wellbeing and intervention strategy in place for their employees.
21% of businesses would describe their wellbeing strategies as only just ‘getting started’ whilst 4% revealed that they never plan on having one in place.

Concerned with how workplaces will operate upon reopening, the British Safety Council also interviewed ten organisations across various sectors in June 2020, revealing the impact of COVID-19 on employees and their wellbeing. They found that:

There have been fewer employees doing more work as a result of backlogs and new incoming clients, severely damaging employees’ work-life balance as a result.
Those working from home during COVID-19 have struggled with maintaining mental wellbeing as workplace strategies are difficult to implement with employees working remotely.

The Assurance Assessment Service will aim to help employers tackle these types of challenges to employee wellbeing in the workplace amid their reopening throughout the following months.

About The British Safety Council

The British Safety Council is one of the world’s leading safety training organisations, providing courses on health, safety and environmental management to organisations of all sizes and sectors for over 60 years.

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