New interactive wellbeing service launched to support returning employees

Mental health training consultancy Start Within has today launched a new interactive wellbeing programme in association with specialist training provider Intqual-pro.

The Happy People programme provides employers with regular, dedicated wellbeing tools and support for their people, demonstrating a positive attitude to employee care and promoting a happier, healthier workplace.

In response to significant demand for further wellbeing support during the pandemic, Start Within have relieved stress for organisations by launching this interactive wellbeing journey for their employees. By simply subscribing to Happy People, employers will ensure that positive mental health remains a top priority moving forward.

Employees will have access to online webinars and workshops, as well as newsletters full of self-care tips, blogs, podcast episodes and further support. All sessions promote a positive and open conversation on mental health within an inclusive environment, encouraging employees to embrace their own self-care.

“Mental health and wellbeing has long been a large part of what Intqual-pro has sought to achieve in effective safeguarding. The Start Within approach to wellbeing in the workplace is completely unique and truly people focused, fully fitting with our ethos as a training organisation. Pilots of the Happy People programme have been met with some of the best engagement I have seen across the breadth of our services and at a time where focus on wellbeing is more critical than ever.”
Barry Searle, Director of Training at Intqual-pro

“Raising awareness on mental health and encouraging positive conversations around wellbeing is more important than ever right now. The Happy People subscription shows a clear commitment to employee wellbeing and can also satisfy the legislative requirement for mental health support within organisations. At a time when change and uncertainty is affecting us all, this programme provides a safe, no-pressure space for those who need support.”
Mike O’Hara, Director of Training at Start Within

Happy People uses an annual subscription model, tailored to suit the specific demand of each organisation. For more information please visit

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