Doctor and clinical microbiologist, Professor Nizam Damani explores the history of microbiology and infectious diseases in a memoir spanning 60 years

Prof. Damani covers not only Covid-19, but also other infections and the plight of individuals suffering from neglected infectious diseases in developing countries.

A member of various WHO Guideline Development Groups, Prof. Damani has served as a consultant and member of various steering and advisory groups in Geneva. He is on the Advisor Board of the Infection Control African Network and a member of the Clean Hospitals International Expert Panel. He was an editor of the ‘International Journal of Infection Control’ and an honorary senior lecturer at Queens University Belfast. He has helped to develop country infection prevention and control guidelines for Egypt, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Pakistan and Northern Ireland.

A unique book that combines knowledge gained through his career and personal experience, this book is written by an expert who, together with his family, has suffered through numerous illnesses. As a clinical microbiologist, he has treated many patients suffering from infections in high, middle and low income countries

Readers who enjoy reading about travel, culture, the environment, infectious disease epidemics or the history of medicine – or has ever had an infection – will find something of interest in the pages of ‘Makind Vs Microbes’!

About ‘Mankind Vs Microbes’:

A Portadown doctor who was born in a poverty-stricken part of Pakistan and is now a global expert in infection control has published his remarkable life story.

In Mankind vs Microbes, Dr Nizam Damani shares his personal life experience of infectious diseases, which he and his family members contracted during their lives. Despite his impoverished background, he pursues his dream of becoming a doctor. The book follows his journey through many struggles in his early life as he beats the odds to become a clinical microbiologist working across three continents and ultimately becoming one of the world’s leading experts in infection prevention and control.

Alongside his extraordinary life story, the origins of each disease are explored using historical context and captivating accounts about the pioneers who first fought against them. Scientific achievements and advances in infection prevention are presented in a succinct and engaging manner. The unique format allows the reader to dip in and out of any section, revealing fascinating facts about one man’s lifetime commitment to fighting infections and highlighting how microbes have disrupted our lives since the dawn of mankind.

Prof. Damani explains: “During the Covid-19 pandemic people developed an unprecedented interest in microbes. Many books have been published by journalists, academics, historians and health experts; these tend to be quite specialist and not aimed at general readers. I wanted this book to appeal to everyone. Opening any page will reveal fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes about how microbes have constantly disrupted our lives.

“My work has taken me across the globe, living and working in both developed and developing countries. I decided to combine my memoir with the history of diseases to highlight the stark contrast between the two. Where cancer and chronic disease are major causes of morbidity and mortality in high-income countries, in low-income countries a significant cause is infectious diseases and injuries. Millions of people still live in abject poverty with no access to clean water and poor sanitation resulting in infectious diseases. This book describes the suffering that my family and I endured as a result of living in such conditions. Many readers will be unaware of the Global burden of diseases; we may have won the battle against microbial diseases, but we are still fighting the war!”

All author royalties from the book will go to Koohi Goth Women’s Hospital and School of Nursing, Pakistan.

Prof. Nizam Damani (MBBS, MSc, FRCPath., FRCPI, CIC, DipHIC) is one of the world’s leading infection prevention and control experts. His outstanding contribution has been recognised with numerous awards, including the Graham Ayliffe Award from the International Federation of Infection Control and an MBE for services to Northern Ireland and the World Health Organisation. His book ‘The Manual of Infection Prevention and Control’, published by Oxford University Press, has been translated into several languages.

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