Celebrity Matchmaker is Helping the Animal Shelters in LA

George the Matchmaker is helping the animal shelters and is encouraging people to come out and volunteer.

George Cervantes, the celebrity matchmaker in Los Angeles known as George The Matchmaker doesn’t just spend his free time working out and hanging out with friends, George loves to spend his free time volunteering at the local animal shelters where he gets to spend time with his favorite cats.

George is helping the local animal shelters by volunteering with a group of friends during the weekend and is encouraging more people to do the same. Most animal shelters will welcome the helping hand with open arms, especially due to the onslaught of dogs and cats with nowhere to go. Animal shelters are in constant need of volunteers who can walk dogs, clean cages, and give attention and care to animals in need. Just playing with dogs and cats at the shelters will make them more sociable and more likely to be adopted – as most families want to adopt a pet that is friendly.

Volunteering on the weekends is a great way to relief stress while at the same time making a difference in the lives of little animals in need who are looking for a home where they can receive love and care. Animal shelters can’t function without the help of volunteers and are always in need of more people who can come out and help with their lovely animals.

George The Matchmaker is an animal lover who has been helping animal shelters for over 10 years and wants more animal lovers to come out and help in any way possible and for those who can’t, you can always donate a few dollars to the local shelter as they are always in need of food, bedding materials and medicine for their animals.

George will continue to volunteer during the weekends and during his spare time to help as many animals as possible. He wants the word to get out and for more people to come out and help the animals in any way. He wants all the animal lovers in LA to come out and support their local shelter and help the animals in need. Helping out for just a few minutes makes a huge difference in the lives of those poor animals.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating to the local animal shelter in Los Angeles can do so by visiting:


About George Cervantes:

George Cervantes is a professional celebrity matchmaker, changing the lives of men and women across the nation. For George, nothing is more inspiring and rewarding than watching romance blossom between a couple that he introduced at his elite matchmaking firm in Los Angeles, California. Knowing these people may have never found each other without his help is what motivates him day after day.

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Prior to matchmaking, George was a professional New York City model and fashion influencer modeling for several major brands and appearing in a few commercials and doing a few fashion shows.

George is the owner of several matchmaking services across the nation including George the Matchmaker in Harrisburg, PA and Celebrity Matchmakers in Los Angeles, CA. He works with singles of all ages and helps them find their ideal partner through private introductions at his matchmaking & dating services.

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