BRIT MUMS TOO BUSY: new survey reveals vitamins are the lifeline for busy mothers to deal with daily demands

• 64% take vitamins to boost their immune system
• 43% take vitamins to give them energy
• 42% believe they are vital
• 40% say their diets don’t include all the nutrients they need
• One in 10 take vitamins as they don’t have time to eat a balanced meal

A new survey reveals that British mums take vitamins to maintain parenting pace, with nearly half (43%) taking vitamins or supplements to give them the energy they need and 42% stating they are vital.

Research carried out by Sealions, the online-only British vitamin brand, which has just launched its #LikeAMum campaign to help support and inform mums across the UK, pointed to juggling children, work and everyday life as some of the many reasons that Brit mums are looking for a lifeline to help them keep pace.

It further revealed that 64% of British mums take vitamins to help boost their immune system and that 81% cited that if someone in the family gets ill, it affects everyone.

Vitamin expert, Matt Durkin said: “These findings reveal how most British mums are feeling and show that they not only reach for vitamins as their secret weapon, but they are working for them to keep pace and remain well.

“Mums are often the cornerstone of the family unit, and if they are ill or unable to undertake the many daily duties they do, it can throw a family’s routine out the window. We know that in modern times, mums are spinning many plates, and sometimes they need extra support – and it looks like they are turning to vitamins in their droves to keep them well and give them the extra energy they need.”

Among those surveyed, 40% stated that their poor diets drove them to take vitamins and supplements, and one in 10 take vitamins as they don’t have time to eat a balanced meal.

Matt continued: “Mums will more often than not put everyone else first in the family before themselves – but reading vitamins are being used instead of meals or to support poor diets is very concerning. Vitamins do not exist to replace a healthy, balanced meal, they are there to supplement the vitamins that we naturally find in our food.

“Vitamins can work wonders – and these stats prove it. I just strongly advise they are always used in the right manner.

Of the mum respondents, 24% also cited improved sleep as another benefit of taking vitamins.

“To hear mums are getting more sleep is music to my ears. We know sleep deprivation can be critical to mood and everyday well-being, and everyone feels far more positive from getting their forty winks.

“However, despite the importance of a healthy sleep routine, it’s often one of the first things to drop down the priority list when there’s so much to get done in the day. That’s why Sealions introduced its Night Time Gummies earlier this year to provide a natural and convenient option for those who aren’t getting the quality sleep they need – and it seems mums listened! Sleep supplements can be perfect for those so busy they struggle to switch off!’

“Mums are simply superheroes, and if taking vitamins sensibly boosts their powers, I am very glad to hear it.”

Sealions #LikeAMum campaign can be followed on its Instagram channel and its website.

Matt guided that anyone unsure of how to use vitamins should always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplementation.

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