Yoga OM-ine

Wellness online has become huge during this lockdown pandemic and as an actor/yoga teacher we felt it was the time to take Yoga’na Flow OM-LINE. (puns and poses)

The past few months has been a journey to keep yogis on their toes with classes live and pre recorded & to welcome new yogis around the globe. There really isn’t anything more powerful than starting your day with a yoga class, breath work, stretching & strengthening the body and mind really does help in these tough times.

So whats stopping you from getting OM the mat?

– Nerves…
– Kids?
– The pets running over your mat…

We welcome all of that to the mat! Yoga is a wonderful escape from life and truly brings you to the present moment on the mat. So if you’re looking for a little ME time.. I hope to welcome you OM the mat!

Puns & Poses