Five great benefits of chair yoga: Why you should give it a go as you get older

Yoga has long been a form of exercise in which the benefits are widely shared. In fact, more and more people are taking up the hobby for a variety of reasons.

However, it can often feel like something you shoudn’t be taking up as you get older. After all, many of us don’t consider ourselves flexible enough in our younger years, let alone older ones. That shouldn’t be the case though.

Chair yoga is a fantastic form of exercise for people in their latter years, which uses a chair for sitting on and using as a support while you go through exercises. It’s something that’s being taught more and more. Many elderly care home services utilise it as an activity for residents and a good way to not only get physical exercise, but also manage and maintain mobility.

There are so many great benefits of chair yoga, particularly for people aged 60 and over, so if you’ve always flattened the idea of taking up yoga, here are five reasons to take the more gentle form of the activity…

Enhances Flexibility and Joint Mobility

The low impact form of exercise is firstly a great way to improve flexibility and joint mobility, something that should be prioritised as we get older. The gentle movements and stretches relieve and release tension and aid in reducing stiffness, particularly across the neck, shoulders and hips. This can help reduce the risk of injuries as well as ensuring we’re more mobile for longer in our lives.

Promotes Stress Relief and Relaxation

Of course, many people take up yoga as a way to manage their mental health, with it a proven method of reducing stress and improving calm and relaxation in one’s life. That’s the same for chair yoga too, and it can be a great way to increase mindfulness, clarity and focus.

Taking a few minutes each day can be really powerful in managing stress, which can often be high in later life as a result of the likes of isolation and increased health problems, contributing to a better overall sense of wellbeing.

Improves Posture and Core Strength

As we get older we’re probably a little less bothered about our core. However, poor posture can lead to weakened core muscles which is going to affect overall mobility.

Chair yoga sessions can really help people develop an awareness of posture and how to strengthen the core muscles to offer better stability and balance, reducing the risk of falls and accidents which can have a significant impact on us in our older years.

Boosts Circulation and Energy Levels

The gentle movement of chair yoga also improves circulation, stimulating blood flow through the body. The improvement of circulation is really important for transporting oxygen through the body, alongside nutrients. This will increase energy levels and vitality, allowing you to tackle the day in a much more mindful way.

Enhances Emotional Well-Being and Mind-Body Connection

Finally, it allows people to reconnect with their bodies in a more holistic manner. People who partake in yoga, no matter what form it is, will cultivate a much more positive relationship with their bodies, which can be so influential in managing the likes of anxiety, depression and acceptance that we are getting older.

That has a huge impact on mental wellbeing and will significantly improve how we face the challenges that older age can often bring.


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