Government approved COVID-19 IgG antibody test now available

Approved by the MHRA and Public Health England, a second Government approved COVID-19 IgG Antibody test is now available for the public to measure whether they have been exposed to the coronavirus.

YorkTest Laboratories, who specialise in providing complete home-to-laboratory tests for food intolerances and allergies, has partnered with Abbott Laboratories and Eurofins County Pathology to offer one of only two UK Government approved COVID-19 IgG Antibody home testing kits.

“As part of our mission to reduce uncertainty across the UK, we’re working with an accredited laboratory partner to bring a reliable COVID-19 test to the market, so people can finally find out whether they have been exposed to the coronavirus without having to go to a hospital,” said Dr Gill Hart, Scientific Director at leading health and wellbeing company YorkTest Laboratories.

“Abbott’s test has been found to demonstrate 100% sensitivity and 99.6% specificity, meaning we can help people return to work with the confidence that they have been accurately tested.” said Dr Gill.

On the 15th May, Public Health England announced their backing of Abbott’s test. Now available to order online at, you will receive a YorkTest CE marked simple finger-prick blood test to take your sample in the comfort of your home and return it in the post for testing at the laboratory.

“All healthy individuals are now thought to make detectable IgG antibodies to COVID-19, which can be detected from about day two after the onset of symptoms with 100% seroconversion by day 20.

“Once received, blood samples are analysed by the Abbott COVID-19 testing machine and are taken through an automated immunoassay process which takes a few hours. The results are then automatically calculated, formatted electronically and relayed back to YorkTest Laboratories. Results are emailed back to you usually within three days.” added Dr Gill.

To buy this Government approved COVID-19 antibody test, visit

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