Single Mum who fought the odds listed in Independent’s Top 20 Extraordinary Women

Ali Golds, a single mum from West Sussex who has been empowering women business founders and single mum entrepreneurs by teaching them start-up skills since 2012, has been recognised alongside …
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Brits would choose new innovative stem cell treatment over joint replacements

In England and Wales there are approximately 160,000 total hip and knee replacement procedures performed each year, but many more struggle daily with pain and life-restricting stiffness.  Revolutionary new treatments using stem …
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New research offers hope of new treatments for lung and esophageal cancers

Researchers at Okayama University have reportedly discovered a potential new treatment for lung and esophageal cancer. Most cancer-related deaths world-wide are caused by lung cancer, which is rarely diagnosed early.  …
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Early test for acute kidney injury biomarkers could make intensive care treatment safer

Hospital clinicians have long been frustrated by the prospect of intensive care unit (ICU) patients developing acute kidney injury (AKI), a stealthy and potentially deadly condition that can arise from …
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One in 500 million – Tessa’s Mum shares her story of living with arhinia

Grainne Evans shares how her family have coped with beautiful daughter Tessa’s rare medical condition, and how accommodation provided by the Sick Children’s Trust has been invaluable. Our daughter was …
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Which ‘superfood’ really makes you healthy?

With Christmas over and New Year resolutions looming, most people are looking to popular superfood ingredients to improve their appearance and overall health – but which so-called super-food will really …
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Could Scientists re-engineer nature to undo man’s damage?

Scientists want to ‘re-engineer’ nature to eliminate the plastic in our seas and the fatbergs in our sewers – and create slugs to biomine our landfill. Every year, 12 million …
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New Year Dieters Set to Eat More Than Non-Dieters Over Christmas

Dieting or losing weight is still the number one resolution for January – more popular than quitting smoking or getting organised. but do negative thoughts towards weight loss cause weight …
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