It’s not just hot cars that can kill pets, hot houses can too

According to Heat Insulation Ltd, a company offering grant-backed home insulation, pet owners across the country should be more aware of the temperature in their homes and should be aware …
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New National Park Planned for the West Midlands

An ambitious vision to create a new National Park in the West Midlands has been unveiled. The proposed park would span more than seven cities and would create hundreds of …
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Reliable DNA ‘Barcodes’ hailed as a ‘gamechanger’ in biomedical research

In the same way that barcodes on your groceries help stores know what’s in your cart, DNA barcodes help biologists attach genetic labels to biological molecules to do their own …
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How much sleep should new parents expect to get in their child’s first year?

Following a recent study commissioned by sleep technology company Simba, Author Grant Bailey shares what new parents can expect sleep-wise in that all-important first year. Four hours sleep a night …
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Shock report highlights risk for cleaners as cleaning sprays shown to be ‘as bad for lungs as smoking’

A UiB-study released by the University of Bergen has revealed that cleaners who have regularly used cleaning sprays over 20 years were found to have reduced lung function equivalent to …
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World Cup 2018: Health-conscious Millennials shun beer… and the pub

Drinking beer at the pub might be the traditional way of watching the World Cup. But according to new figures, health-conscious young Millennials would much rather sip on soft drinks …
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Busy Brits are suffering ‘gadget confusion’ with millions baffled by the number of buttons

Guest blog by Astrid Hall Busy Brits are suffering ‘gadget confusion’, a study has found. Research revealed millions of us are baffled by the number of buttons, symbols and switches …
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Shocking survey results reveal serious contraception issues are being ignored

Nearly half of all women in the UK (47%) have had “serious trouble” with their current or previous form of contraception, of which 16% said they didn’t receive adequate professional …
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