Breakthrough NnBU Medical Device Designed to Improve Outcomes of C-Section Deliveries

The world’s first neonatal birth unit that is able to simulate the positive stresses of natural birth for babies born via Caesarean (otherwise known as C-section) has been created by …
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Why employers keep getting wellbeing wrong – and how they can get it right

A new report from the Campbell Institute indicates that many employers are still getting their staff wellbeing strategies wrong – and the bad news is, it’s bad for business. It seems that …
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Hundreds of mental health professionals to learn “The Rewind” pioneering PTSD treatment

On 10th March, 440 psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors will gather at Birmingham University to attend a free, One Day Workshop delivered by Dr David Muss MD to learn The Rewind …
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Beast from the East prompts UK jellyfish invasion warning

Britain’s current plummeting temperatures could lead to another jellyfish invasion, experts in Birmingham have warned. Last year a ‘mega swarm’ of jellyfish washed up on the UK coastline. Now, thanks …
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Children still ‘waiting too long’ for cancer diagnosis

One in ten babies and children in the UK with an aggressive type of eye cancer have to wait more than six months to be diagnosed, according to new figures* …
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SarcoidosisUK’s National Quiz to Raise Awareness And Funds For Rare Disease

SarcoidosisUK are celebrating Sarcoidosis Awareness Month this April with a National Quiz competition. SarcoidosisUK are the UK’s only charity raising awareness of and funding research into Sarcoidosis. Quizzes are being …
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International Wheelchair Day highlights the need to improve support for ALL disabled workers

What is a ‘disability’? International Wheelchair Day is a poignant time for Employers to recognise that disability can take many forms.  Illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, …
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RedArc responds to ONS ‘Geographic patterns of cancer survival in England’ report

Following yesterday’s release of the Office of National Statistics ‘Geographic patterns of cancer survival in England: Adults diagnosed 2004 to 2011 and followed up to 2016’, Christine Husbands, MD, RedArc …
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