Cardiff biosciences company educating schools in cleaning

With all schools in the UK set to fully reopen in September, establishing a thorough cleaning regime now is crucial for the safe return of pupils. The education sector has …
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Wellbeing coach

Wellbeing support network launched

An author and journalist who helped pioneer spiritual wellbeing into the UK media has set up a support network for others in the industry. Broadcaster Becky Walsh has presented radio …
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Over three quarters of serious injuries “invisible”, according to new research

New research into injury incidents in the UK reveals that millions of Brits may be living with long-term conditions that are invisible to the naked eye. The research into 1,000 …
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A new ‘hands-off’ digital back pain therapy service launches in the UK, a new, personalised digital treatment programme to support people with back pain has launched in the UK. The founders believe it is a cheaper and more effective solution than …
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Why Employers Should Exercise caution with Covid-19 testing

Many businesses are considering whether to utilise Covid-19 testing as part of their return-to-the-workplace strategy – to see whether employees currently have the virus or already had it – but …
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Are LED light therapy masks safe and worth the investment?

Facial light therapy, the latest skincare craze, is a favourite of influencers and celebrities. But more and more brands are coming out with at-home LED systems so that you can …
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Turning addictions on their head

Jacqui Carrel, Rapid Transformational Therapist, considers the role that feelings play in addiction Addictions are brain disorders characterised by compulsively engaging in a behaviour even if the consequences of the …
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Five simple tips to get your libido back

Research reports that Brits are having problems in the bedroom, thanks to a decrease in libido due to the effects of lockdown and Coronavirus. Anxiety and stress, combined with a …
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